As (almost) always, it was a busy week in the cloud. Here’s our take on some of the week’s biggest news.

SaaS: The Best Possible Model for SMBs & the Enterprise ran a story on cloud computing’s trajectory from an IT outsourcing strategy to the full-blown platform that it is today (“The Reinvention of SaaS”). We completely agree that SaaS provides the best economies of scale for IT –not only enterprise IT, but for SMB, as well. And while there are inherent security considerations associated with SaaS adoption, the benefits far outweigh the challenges.

Intel Invests $30M in Cloud

Last week, it was hardware giant IBM’s success in the cloud; this week it’s Intel’s turn. According to CNET’s Brooke Crothers, Intel invested $30M in its Intel Science and Technology Centers, located at Carnegie Mellon University.  The investment will fund research to make the cloud “more distributed and localized.”

A Post-Cloud World

Bernard Golden, CEO of consulting firm HyperStratus and a cloud advocate, offered six predictions for how cloud computing will change IT in a recent byline on NetworkWorld. We talk a lot about “cloud first” IT, but the concept of post-cloud has a nice ring. It’s only a matter of time until the cloud is the accepted model in IT.

Amazon Web Services: Ease into the Public Cloud

Security is undoubtedly one of the primary concerns of IT departments looking to turn their enterprise to the cloud. Charlie Babcock’s recent write-up about Amazon Web Services in InformationWeek explains how AWS can help assuage enterprise fears about cloud security by offering an intermediary step between the public cloud and a business’ own private cloud