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Okta for Healthcare: Okta Debuts HIPAA Compliant Service

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Waking Up With A Fresh Cup of Okta

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We have a [cloud] app for that...

InformationWeek’s Michael Biddick expresses the frustrations of many in modern IT trying to navigate a complex environment that often includes a mix of on-premise software and cloud applications. In the article, Biddick offers a clear explanation about how we got to this point: Enterprises’ struggle to successfully integrate on-premise and cloud apps is creating disconnected silos, leaving behind a slew of management issues in its wake.

This Week: 5 Featured Apps in the Okta Network

With over thousands of applications in our Okta Application Network, it’s hard to play favorites. Still, every few weeks, we’ll attempt to highlight a handful of partners that we’re psyched about – and what makes them unique compared to other applications in our massive (and growing) library.

We’ll also call out what kind of integration options are currently available, as well as user management and provisioning capabilities that ensure IT admins can automatically add, update, deactivate or remove users and their accounts in an automated fashion.

Our Cloud Obsession - Public vs Private vs Hybrid Debate

Christina Torode from recently published a piece discussing the merits of private cloud versus public cloud implementations, with the consensus that hybrid IT and a hybrid cloud computing approach will become “the dominant cloud adoption strategy.”

Thoughts on Okta’s Series B Funding – Why Our Investors Participated and How We Pitched Them (Part 2)

Yesterday, I posted about how we pitched our investors for this latest round of funding on our disruption of the IT industry and why our solution is necessary for cloud to work in the enterprise. Today, I’d like to talk more about the larger market opportunity we see and our plans for the new funding.

A Fundamental Shift – In Need of a Foundation

By Todd McKinnon in Okta DNA

Thoughts on Okta’s Series B Funding – Why Our Investors Participated and How We Pitched Them (Part 1)

As I’m sure you’ve seen, we announced today that we’ve closed our series B financing.  Khosla and Greylock, David and Aneel all bring invaluable experience as investors and operators to our team. Needless to say, we are excited. This investment gives us the capital we need to make our current customers more successful, broaden our product and platform, and accelerate our sales and marketing.

By Todd McKinnon in Okta DNA