Speedy and Securely Signed Documents: A DocuSign and Okta Integration

When it comes to making business deals and signing contracts, we’ve come a long way from hearty handshakes and the horse and buggy transport of precious goods. Overnight shipping is now commonplace, drones are starting to deliver everything from pizza to prescription refills, and the Internet has made physical transactions feel archaic and slow.


Luckily, DocuSign comes to the rescue by eliminating the need to fax, print and sign physical documents. As Dan Reid, director of product management, explains, DocuSign “is not just signature management. It’s signing documents, filling in forms, and doing it all in the comfort of your own bathrobe.”

But when it comes to business transactions, verifying identity is of the utmost importance. You wouldn’t fax a confidential file to the wrong number or ship a contract without a recipient’s address – and you certainly wouldn’t request an e-mail signature without verifying the identity of your recipient.

DocuSign partnered with Okta to “focus on the business problems that we’re really trying to solve – how we make sure the business policies that used to be on paper can now go to the cloud,” explains Mike Borozdin, director of integration development.

With Okta, customers are seamlessly integrated with their already deployed security solutions like Active Directory and LDAP. Dan elaborates:

“Through our partnership with Okta, we’re able to go to our large enterprise customers, smaller customers, people in the education space, people in finance – it doesn’t really matter. They say, ‘Hey, we’ve invested in LDAP,’ or ‘We’ve invested in Active Directory, you guys work with that, right?’ Before [Okta], our sales reps responded, ‘Hold on. Let me go find someone technical to answer that question for you.’ Through our partnership with Okta, we don’t have to. We can say, ‘Absolutely.’”

In particular, DocuSign also sees the ROI of its partnership with Okta when selling to large organizations. “Security is a major, major selling point of DocuSign,” Dan points out. “When security is integrated with a system like Okta that does security and access company-wide, that type of integrated solution is the real difference maker for IT buyers. No enterprise customer is willing to give up security for speed. They say they might, but they won’t. This allows you to have the best of all worlds. You get it fast, you get it easy, and you get it secure.”

The customer success team at DocuSign can’t complain either – deployment is now a breeze. “They use Okta to help customers deploy much more quickly, without a bunch of pain in the backend,” Dan adds. “It’s very, very smooth.”

Thanks to DocuSign and Okta, companies have access to quick, efficient and secure transactions – allowing them to spend less time hunting down signatures, and more time in their bathrobes.

To watch Dan and Mike’s full interview, check out the partner testimonial video below or on our website.