Waking Up With A Fresh Cup of Okta

Like most people who work in IT, I wake up and my mind immediately goes to the workday ahead — what problems are unresolved from yesterday? What systems need tending to? Who will need my support most urgently this morning? How many cups of coffee will I need to make it through the day?

Coffee has been so critical to my morning routine — and to my productivity — that over the years I’ve invested a lot of time and energy into making my coffee as quickly as possible. At one point, I had a coffee machine with an alarm clock that would have my java ready for me when I walked downstairs in the morning. Eventually, I put that machine in my bathroom to make it even more accessible.

Then something incredible happened. Rosetta Stone brought on Okta for identity management, giving our employees access to all of their favorite cloud tools all in one place, and giving our IT team the ability to safely manage access to apps and services across our organization.

I started logging in to my Okta dashboard before even touching my coffee machine. This new routine was more addictive than caffeine — with a few quick clicks, I could access my email, documents, expenses, and more. Everything I needed to start my day was at my fingertips and that gave a bigger jolt of energy than coffee ever could.

Now, I’m a true convert. I would choose Okta over coffee any day. For one, logging into Okta is way easier than making coffee. And you can log in and access your work from absolutely anywhere — no waiting in line for a barista to misspell your name. Best of all, you won’t need a second cup of Okta to be productive. Productivity comes instantly.

Want to get in on the #oktavscoffee debate? Check out Okta’s microsite and quiz and see which side you land on.