The Top 5 Benefits Companies Have Seen from Using Okta

To date, there’s no single platform that can deliver all the functionality needed in today’s eclectic digital workplace. Most companies use a mix of suites, sometimes utilizing both cloud and on-premises solutions, to fit their particular needs. It’s a best-of-breed approach, and it requires a solution that can seamlessly integrate the various platforms—as well as a system to deftly manage the identity and access between them.

And this is why identity and access management (IAM) is so critical. An IAM platform can provide that seamless integration, enabling the secure authentication needed in this heterogenous, distributed technology landscape. Okta’s cloud-based IAM solutions does this and more—it covers the landscape. But it’s our customer response that tells the story… We polled Okta customers and collected hundreds of responses, including admin and IT leaders, and the data speaks for itself. Read on to learn about the key takeaways, specific customers, and how Okta’s IAM solutions has boosted ROI in some of the most influential businesses.

Increased efficiencies and more time for IT

Every business wants to be more efficient—but not at the cost of security, profitability, and growth. This means figuring out how they can sharpen business processes—whether by automating mundane, repetitive tasks, or freeing IT’s time by implementing software and IAM solutions that allow them to better handle requests.

An organization’s helpdesk is an excellent example of an area where streamlining operations can produce real business benefits. In fact, 82% of our respondents reported that password resets were an issue in their operating environment, straining IT resources at the expense of efficiency.

Organizations who have implemented Okta have seen a 57% reduction in password-related helpdesk tickets, boosting service standards and improving the user experience. Our customers are proof of this in practice: Workday’s Okta implementation has enabled them to liberate IT from resetting passwords, providing login instructions, and administering applications. The Okta solution dovetailed perfectly into Workday’s entrepreneurial and tech-savvy culture, where users demand self-service options and don’t want to approach IT for password resets.

Greater productivity thanks to automated provisioning

Improving productivity also helps organizations become more profitable and achieve sustainable growth—but they cannot be productive enough to grow their businesses if they’re caught up with bureaucracy. We found that 81% of respondents consider provisioning applications a hassle, and when users can’t access the services they need, the damages to productivity are obvious.

Out of the organizations we surveyed, 71% said that implementing Okta reduced the time required to provision and deprovision a user, while 83% experienced increased productivity in their organization. This is proof that when menial tasks are simplified and automated, IT teams can thrive.

Take City Year, for example. When the national non-profit turned to Okta to help improve productivity, they cleared the way for their business to focus on helping underserved communities instead of wasting valuable resources on passwords and provisioning. By leveraging Okta, City Year achieved $120,000 in IT savings; a 1000%+ ROI. News Corp also turned to Okta to manage their authentication and to move 75% of their computing processes to the cloud. Thanks to this partnership, News Corp was able to connect 25,000 employees in nine months, integrate 150 apps into a single identity solution, and automate 70% of its provisioning tasks—saving thousands of hours.

Cost savings (to the tune of thousands annually)

Cost reduction is a primary focus for any business. By implementing Okta, we calculated that organizations could see annual time savings in password-related helpdesk tickets equal to $1.6 million and further annual savings of over $800,000 in provisioning requests.

Multiple customers have seen significant cost savings by implementing Okta. Bakers Delight saved $500,000 within the first nine months of using Okta due to their new seamless ability to log into the supplier’s portal and order online, while Rotary realized annual savings of $300,000 by utilizing the Okta platform to offer identity-related services to 1.2 million users.

Secure and frictionless employee and customer experiences

Security is a growing concern for any organization operating in today’s digital world, and a top concern for 84% of our respondents. To navigate an increasingly hostile security landscape, organizations need an IAM solution that secures their environment and provides a frictionless user experience.

Okta reduced the likelihood of a security breach for 76% of organizations, and this protection could save the average organization over $1.6 million. MGM Resorts realized this benefit and, through Okta, provided their 62,000 employees with seamless and secure access to their enterprise apps. Thanks to Okta’s contextual access management features, MGM Resorts delivered an integrated login experience and strengthened its security by reducing the risk of password-based attacks. Okta also helped secure the “Open” part of Allergan’s Open Science pharmaceutical growth model by providing over 4 million doctors and patients with secure access to Allergan portals and securing the login experience for over 50,000 partners who form part of Allergan’s digital ecosystem.

IT modernization and a smoother path to the cloud

As cloud and mobile solutions mature, organizations are embracing the new functionalities and multiple business benefits these platforms have to offer. However, the distributed nature of IT infrastructures built on cloud and mobile services can make them challenging to modernize, meaning a centralized identity solution is crucial to removing friction and making the system accessible to all users.

DISH used Okta to transform its IT and align with revolutionary changes occurring in the satellite TV industry. Within six months, DISH was able to implement Okta authentication to its entire organization and deployed 35 applications on the Okta platform. Similarly, National Geographic needed a solution to unify its team under one system, particularly with its researchers, writers, and photographers stationed across the globe. Using Okta’s solutions to modernize to the cloud allowed the company to save nearly $600,000 annually (a 400%+ ROI). No matter the industry, Okta is able to provide critical support to help companies keep pace with digital transformation and ensure all employees, partners, and clients can access the services and solutions they need.

Modern organizations need a modern identity solution

As the technology landscape shifts on a daily basis, organizations need an identity solution that helps them take advantage of digital innovations. With Okta, the value of identity and access management is clear: stronger security, seamless integrations, and boosted efficiencies all contribute to a business that performs.

Want to know how much Okta could save your organization? Check out our ROI Calculator and find out how.