Automate IT and Security Tasks with Workflows Solutions Packs

Today’s companies face conflicting demands: the need to do more with less while balancing employee experience and robust security compliance. And the stakes are higher than ever. Our State of Digital Trust survey found that 47% of customers stop using an organization's services after a data breach. According to Adobe’s 2021 State of Work report, 32% of employees have left a company frustrated by work technology. So how can you succeed in this demanding landscape? 

A robust identity platform is a solid start, but automation is key to success. By removing manual work, IT and security teams can scale, employees can get faster access to what they need, and companies can maintain the proper security and compliance posture. Enter Okta Workflows — a no-code identity automation and orchestration platform. Now, it’s even easier to use because we’ve introduced Solution Packs: a collection of pre-built and customizable templates bundled by popular tasks. Just choose your use case and deploy in minutes. This means you can save time and money while solving your most pressing IT and security challenges. 

What are Workflows Solution Packs?

Workflows Solution Packs are collections of templates bundled together so you can quickly solve identity-based challenges with automation. Just select your use case and go. You can choose from three categories:

  • IT Operations
  • Security Operations
  • Seamless Microsoft Office 365 (O365) Integration

Within each category, you can select from a range of popular tasks to begin automating. 


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IT Operations Solution Pack

This Solution Pack simplifies IT tasks – from streamlining on/offboarding to automating time-consuming tasks like capturing contract signatures, device activation, and welcome notifications of all types. You can select from four popular categories with multiple pre-built templates in each

  • Accelerate user onboarding
    • Provision accounts with O365, Salesforce, Jira, and more
    • Send welcome communications via email or Slack
    • Capture document signatures with DocuSign or Adobe Sign
    • Customize MFA enrollment or sync user Chrome passwords
  • Manage daily operations
    • Manage user G Suite licenses
    • Assign group membership temporarily based on time or profile attribute
    • Send notifications for password changes, contractor expiration dates, or profile changes


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  • Extend audit and reporting
    • Identify inactive Okta users
    • Audit admin roles and last login to admin consoles
    • Create a report with Google Sheets on multiple Okta events 
  • Enable secure offboarding
    • Deprovision accounts with O365
    • Reassign files while deprovisioning with Google Drive or Box
    • Lock Apple devices upon offboarding with Okta and Jamf

Security Operations Solution Pack

Major security breaches can happen much faster than humans can react to them. This Solution Pack enables you to quickly deploy automation to protect against and respond to internal and external threats. (Lean more)

You can select from three categories within this Solution Pack 

  • Protect company data
    • Notify users of a password change or profile update with SendGrid and Slack
    • Trigger notifications when all MFA factors reset
    • Harden customer verification with email and factor challenge
  • Respond to risk signals
    • Track and alert for possible account takeover attempts
    • Revoke user sessions in Okta, Zoom, Google Workspace, and O365
    • Manage end-user devices by locking them with Jamf or Kandji

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  • Extend security audit and reporting
    • Manage access to GitHub repo based on Secure Code Warrior assessment
    • Report and respond to suspicious activity using Slack and PagerDuty
    • Identify inactive users

Seamless O365 Integration Solution Pack

Seamlessly integrate existing O365 services with Okta Workflows to automate and manage identity-based processes. You can automate two categories within this Solution Pack 

  • Manage user operations
    • On and offboard with O365
    • Create O365 guest accounts
    • Send Active Directory credentials to manager
  • Deliver timely communications
    • Send email notifications with O365
    • Send contractor expiry notifications

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How to use Workflows Solution Packs

Using Workflows Solution Packs is straightforward and can be done in just a few steps. 

  1. Log in to your Workflows homepage
  2. Select which category you want to automate under “Explore popular use cases”
  3. Choose your use case and deploy the pre-built template 
  4. Optional: customize the template as you see fit 

Impact of Workflows Solution Packs

Workflows Solution Packs have the potential to drive faster adoption and tangible business outcomes. By providing pre-built and customizable templates, customers can quickly implement the automations they need without having to start from scratch. This saves time and ensures automation is set up correctly from the beginning. The pre-built templates also help customers grasp advanced concepts, use more flows, and explore more use cases, both common and edge.

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