When You’re Hot, You’re Hot: Enterprise as Silicon Valley’s Star at BoxWorks

We’ve always said enterprise was cool. Now, it’s hot. (Don’t just take our word for it – take the Wall Street Journal's.) Enterprise is the “it” topic in the valley right now, and we plan on keeping it that way. Last month, our CEO Todd McKinnon spoke on the “How Enterprise Got Sexy” panel at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco, and this week he’ll join another panel of enterprise CEOs at Box’s user conference, BoxWorks.

On Tuesday, October 9, at 11:30 a.m. Todd will share the stage with Roman Stanek (CEO of GoodData), Mikkel Svane (CEO of Zendesk) and Tien Tzuo (CEO of Zuora) to discuss “Enterprise Software, Silicon Valley’s Surprising Star.”

They’ll talk about how consumerization and the mobile revolution have jumpstarted a new era of cloud computing, an era in which enterprises are experiencing everything from massive customer traction to major funding rounds and a new wave of IPOs. It’s clearly cool to build for the enterprise again.

#DF12Ready: Prepping for Dreamforce 2012

If you’ve been anywhere near Silicon Valley during the past couple of weeks, you know that from September 18-21, 70,000+ people from cloud companies of nearly every shade will descend on San Francisco

Yahoo and Formspring Experience Security Breaches: Is Your Password Safe Anywhere?

If one of your many usernames and passwords hasn’t been hacked lately, consider yourself lucky. Just this week, two more companies — Yahoo and the social question-and-answer site Formspring — announced major security breaches.

The New York Times reported that 450,000 Yahoo accounts were comprised and according to CNET, Formspring had more than 420,000 hashed passwords posted online. That’s more than 870,000 passwords released in a span of a couple days as the result of two completely different breaches.

In response to the news that a group of seven hackers were responsible for the Yahoo breach, CNN Money’s David Goldman was quick to warn his readers:

“If it wasn't clear before, it certainly is now: Your username and password are almost impossible to keep safe.”

The Hybrid Cloud Reality

In a recent article for PC Magazine, reporter Michael Miller rehashed some of the key issues discussed during last week’s Interop conference. The hybrid cloud emerged as one of the most prominent themes of the event, encompassing conversation around trends in mobile device usage and IT consumerization. In his article, Miller outlines both the forces driving the hybrid environment and its corresponding challenges for IT organizations.

Successful Cloud Deployments Must Start with IT

InfoWorld’s David Linthicum recently wrote about how enterprise IT departments must think differently before when rolling out cloud applications. The reason? IT staffs tend to be reactive by nature, and there’s too much to lose by rolling out a cloud solution and then scrambling to make it work. He writes: “… if internal IT does not change around the usage of most cloud services, enterprise IT won't get the full benefits.”

Nissan Security Breach Underscores Password Problem

Earlier this week, Nissan confirmed a network hack that comprised both employee names and encrypted passwords. Nicole Perlroth of the New York Times covered the news, citing the commentary of Nissan spokesperson David Reuter and Shawn Henry, former FBI cyber-cop. Perlroth reported that Nissan tracked the hacks back to an IP address, but according to Reuter:

“Hackers can bounce things off servers all over the world, so the entry I.P. address is not necessarily where the hack originates. The trail goes cold pretty quickly.”

The difficulty in tracing intruders is further augmented by the sheer volume of attacks:

The Password Problem: The Most Common — and Avoidable — Threat to IT Security

Computerworld’s Jaikumar Vijayan story today on the Utah Department of Health security breach that exposed approximately 280,000 Social Security numbers highlights a point we’ve written about many times in the past: Weak, easy-to-guess passwords are perhaps the biggest threat to IT security. According to Vijayan:

“ … the hackers -- believed to be from Eastern Europe -- exploited a configuration error at the authentication layer of the server hosting the compromised data, according to Utah IT officials.

How the Cloud Can Assuage IT Challenges of BYOD

Last week, we talked about the some of the challenges associated with the use of consumer mobile devices in business. This week we wanted to dig a little deeper into what exactly these challenges are. In a recent post for TechTarget, Michelle Boisvert outlines where the security risks come into play with BYOD and how they require a strong cloud strategy:

The Challenges

  • Malware security: App store security is a growing concern among IT departments as users will download and access apps on both corporate and personal mobile devices.

Staffing the Cloud with Skilled Employees

As more and more IT services get shifted to the cloud, the demand for talent becomes an increasingly important issue. In an article for CIO, Meredith Levinson describes the challenges facing CIOs in finding employees. Levinson cites data from Wanted Analytics that found from February 2011 to 2012 there was a 99 percent increase in job ads for IT professionals requiring cloud computing skills.

Lack of skilled staff to support cloud services can result in some major issues and setbacks.

New Devices, New Management

In a recent article for the Wall Street Journal, Shara Tibken addresses enterprise tablet adoption and its impact on IT networks.

"Companies everywhere are adopting tablets,” Tibken writes. “Forrester Research Inc. estimates that about 25% of computers used for work globally are tablets and smartphones, not PCs."