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Author Archives: Denali Lumma

Keeping Selenium Tests 100 Percent Blue

I spoke earlier this year at the San Francisco Selenium Meetup about how Okta’s engineering team addresses test failures and keeps its tests 100 percent blue. In the video (embedded below), I describe the team’s strategic iterations toward test automation … Continue reading

Simple Jenkins Configuration and Deployment

At Okta, we’ve gone through many iterations of using Jenkins to build and test our software. We use a number of tools to make sure our code works properly, and we like to have Jenkins manage these. The list would … Continue reading

Massive Reduction of Selenium Costs with Sauce Labs

At Okta we provide enterprise grade identity management from the cloud.  Specifically, Okta delivers single sign-on across all your web applications, centralize user management and control, and integration with Active Directory.  We invest heavily in test automation and validation.  A … Continue reading