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Update from Okta – Heartbleed

You’ve likely read about the Heartbleed vulnerability that has affected much of the Internet. The short version: Heartbleed is a bug that affects the way online services encrypt connections between their service and their users, and if not corrected can … Continue reading

From Portuguese To Productivity: Rosetta Stone Speaks A New Language With Okta

Whether you passed too many notes in your 8th grade Spanish class or trying to pick up some Greek before your upcoming honeymoon, Rosetta Stone is the one of the most-trusted options to learn a language for millions worldwide. And … Continue reading

Partnering with Jive: Enabling Customer Productivity and True Collaboration

We’re a company centered around customer success. Plain and simple. If you’ve spent even a few minutes browsing our website or blog, you probably already know that. But what you might not see immediately is that our idea of customer … Continue reading

One Shining Moment: Previewing Okta’s New User Experience Through Bracketology

Cue The Killers. The most wonderful time of the year is upon us. We have graduates of the BYU Cougars, Stanford Cardinal, Michigan Wolverines, Colorado Buffalos and UCLA Bruins all rooting for their teams to pull major upsets and go … Continue reading

Game of Thrones, House of Cards and the Enterprise User Experience

Like most offices on Monday mornings, ours tends to be abuzz with talk of Sunday night television. We have a faction of Game of Thrones fans, some Walking Dead-heads and our marketing team is anxiously awaiting the second season of … Continue reading

Giving Back to Our Community: Happy Holidays from Okta!

Community is important at Okta. Not just the community we’ve built within our company walls or the Okta Community, but this epicenter of innovation – the wider Bay Area – that almost all of us call home. To say thank you … Continue reading

Wilbur-Ellis: Growing Their Agribusiness in the Cloud with Okta

Any plant will tell you that in order to grow, it could use a helping hand. The team at Wilbur-Ellis, a 92-year-old company with a serious knack for agribusiness, knows this better than anyone. That’s why when the time came … Continue reading

Oktane13 Identity Management Conference: Keynote with Ben Horowitz

Join hundreds of attendees including Okta customers, partners and industry experts for Oktane13 where we will examine forward-thinking cloud and hybrid IT strategies, and the increasingly critical role of identity management in the enterprise. Taking place November 3-5 in San … Continue reading

Make Us Your To-Do List: 5 Reasons to Choose Okta

Busy day? We know you’re probably reading this right now while avoiding an epic Monday to-do list.  If “streamline my IT operations system and move to the cloud” is on that to-do list, then you stumbled upon the perfect place … Continue reading

App Roulette: Jump Start Your Day!

At Okta, we are fully committed to increasing the security and productivity of our users. In fact, it’s the driving force of our business. Today we are proud to announce our latest and most innovative feature in pursuit of this … Continue reading

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