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From Portuguese To Productivity: Rosetta Stone Speaks A New Language With Okta

Whether you passed too many notes in your 8th grade Spanish class or trying to pick up some Greek before your upcoming honeymoon, Rosetta Stone is the one of the most-trusted options to learn a language for millions worldwide. And … Continue reading

Partnering with Jive: Enabling Customer Productivity and True Collaboration

We’re a company centered around customer success. Plain and simple. If you’ve spent even a few minutes browsing our website or blog, you probably already know that. But what you might not see immediately is that our idea of customer … Continue reading

People First, Technology Second

Over the past six months, I’ve spoken and written quite a bit about IT’s imperative to transition to a “people first, technology second” mentality, and focus more on delivering experiences than managing technology. In our consumer lives, we live in a mobile-first … Continue reading

17 Customers Who Struck Gold With Okta

We love St. Patrick’s Day here at Okta. Parades, “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” pins, green beer… really, what’s not to love? That’s why this March 17 we’re celebrating by highlighting some of our lucky customers – enterprises that chose the … Continue reading

Cloud Framework Panel Recap: “Started From the Bottom, Now We’re Here”

It’s not every day that a panel we’re involved in will prompt coverage with Drake lyrics. And yet, just that happened last week after our CSO David Baker participated in a panel on the ‘New Cloud Framework’ with executives from … Continue reading

HubSpot: Making Marketing Easy with Okta

Marketers want to showcase their product in the most attractive way possible — and with innumerable ways to reach the consumer, that can be difficult. HubSpot, an integrated online marketing platform, understands the importance of time and personalization to hit … Continue reading

New Year, New Use Cases: How We’re Driving New Kinds of Value for Cloud Service Providers

Okta was founded in 2009 with unwavering focus on customer success. As we grow, we’ve continued to learn about the companies with which we work, the unique challenges they face and new ways that we can provide massive value for … Continue reading

2014: The Year the Tidal Wave of Cloud Hits the UK

The fast-paced nature of the tech industry makes predicting what the year ahead holds a difficult task. As IT decision makers, we’re constantly asking, “What will be the next must-have mobile device, and how will we integrate it into our … Continue reading

Box: Building a Rich Content User Experience with Okta

You could say life in the cloud is addictive — and when it comes to Box, which is all about user experience, even the little details like accessing the platform matter. To ensure this collaborative experience was as secure and … Continue reading

Splunk: Crawling through the Digital Muck with Okta

Splunk: derived from ‘spelunking’, the hobby or practice of exploring caves. Splunk envisions an IT world where big data makes sense and does not require any headlamps or helmets to crawl through the digital muck. In this world, data is … Continue reading

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