Sr. Backend SDK Engineer

Tired of hacking together a login system for every new application or microservice that you need to deploy? Want to build a beautiful library that makes authentication for any Spring app super simple?  Then Okta's Developer Experience team needs you!

Okta's Developer Experience team is looking for a web application developer, with experience building web applications in popular frameworks such as Spring and Spring Boot.

Okta is an extensible identity platform and our services allow developers at companies of all sizes to integrate Okta into their own applications.  The Developer Experience team is responsible for sharing the love with those developers by identifying common use cases and creating tools that make their lives easier, while helping them understand our product and the protocols that we support.

In this role you will be working on the leading edge of our Open Source Software (OSS) program and will gain invaluable experience with library design and development, as well as interacting with a community of engaged developers who use your work on a daily basis. Your code will see production scale usage at many companies, being embedded directly into applications and services that enable internet scale applications with large numbers of end users. This role provides the opportunity to design right, code right, and test right, and deepen your knowledge of the Java ecosystem by understanding how developers are building their applications.

We are a polyglot team and in this role you will have the opportunity to work on our SDKs written in Java, Go and Python.

Interested in the work we do?  It's open source, check us out on GitHub ;)


Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Design and build software development kits (SDKs), written in Java, Go, and Python for developers using Okta within their web applications.
  • Interact with developers through GitHub on our open-source repositories, responding to issues and reviewing pull requests
  • Participate in software design and code review for all libraries that the team creates
  • Implement holistic testing strategies to assert we're delivering a good developer experience, including unit, integration, and end-to-end tests
  • Write documentation and how-to content for the libraries that you create


Minimum Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • 4+ years working as a web application developer (you've written and deployed production code, and can empathize with the development process.)
  • Intermediate to Advanced knowledge of the Java language, and patterns for building web applications with popular frameworks like Spring and Sprint Boot.
  • Experience with unit and end-to-end testing
  • Experience working with a product-oriented, agile culture


Bonus Skills:

  • Experience with the Go or Python language
  • Experience interacting with other developers on GitHub (e.g. opening issues, contributing to issues, filing pull requests)
  • Experience building libraries or tools that are used by other developers, either internally within your company or externally on public repositories




Okta is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Okta is rethinking the traditional work environment, providing our employees with the flexibility to be their most creative and successful versions of themselves, no matter where they are located.  We enable a flexible approach to work, meaning for roles where it makes sense, you can work from the office, or from home, regardless of where you live.  Okta invests in the best technologies and provides flexible benefits and collaborative work environments/experiences, empowering employees to work productively in a setting that best and uniquely suits their needs.  Find your place at Okta 

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