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Hybrid IT

As the global business world grows and becomes more connected, the nature of work is more complex. From partnerships to clients to remote workers, more and more companies are moving into the cloud. But when companies choose to continue relying on existing, on-prem legacy systems, hybrid IT infrastructure is necessary to integrate these with their cloud solutions. Use Okta to bridge the chasm between cloud and on-prem systems.

How Software Licensing Costs Are Eating Your Budget

Have you ever stumbled on a great airline deal only to find out there's an additional cost for checked luggage? Or signed up for a credit card offer with amazing perks, only to get stung by a higher-than-normal annual fee? You're not alone. It’s these experiences that remind us...

The Production Line: The LDAP Interface

For our third edition of The Production Line , we’re looking at something old, made new again with the LDAP Interface . In essence, it’s a hybrid IT game changer. If this sounds like hyperbole, note this customer quote: “[with the LDAP interface] we could...