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Announcing Okta SSO for HashiCorp Terraform Cloud for Business

Companies of all kinds and sizes are adopting more cloud infrastructure and employing DevOps programs to streamline the delivery and operations of software. In doing so, they begin to foster a culture of automation that spans people, process, and technology. As a leading provider of open source technologies across...

How to use Webhooks with Okta

Connecting and sharing data across disparate systems is a critical part of modern-day software development. Nearly every application needs to communicate and share data across many services, both internally and externally. Businesses often have to connect internally built apps to external services such as Twilio for customer notifications, Stripe for...

Integration Spotlight: Okta + Microsoft

Okta and Microsoft share thousands of common customers, and millions of common users. Countless have approached us with questions on Okta’s integrations and partnership with Microsoft.

“Will Okta work with my Microsoft Windows 10?”

“Should I buy Azure AD Premium to get some of the newer security features?”...