Carlisle Construction Materials embraces mobile and migrates to Office 365. Okta paves the way.

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IT Savings


Elimination of mobile-related account lockouts

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  • Cloud-first initiative
  • Proliferation of new apps
  • Move to Microsoft’s Office 365
  • Facing a disaster of help-desk calls
  • Choosing Okta
  • Better security
Cloud-first initiative

Since 2014, Carlisle Construction Materials (CCM), a division of Carlisle Companies, has made a gradual move to the cloud, ending its reliance on legacy systems and infrastructure.

Proliferation of new apps

IT at Carlisle Construction Materials (CCM) division built 20 to 25 custom mobile apps for Carlisle employees, paving the way for increased productivity while workers were out in the field on mobile devices.

Move to Microsoft’s Office 365

Carlisle Construction Materials (CCM) migrated from Microsoft’s Exchange to Microsoft’s Office 365 to give users more mailbox space and email access on the go, also enabling disaster recovery.

Facing a disaster of help-desk calls

With password resets and account lockouts skyrocketing, IT found they could rely on Okta Mobility Management (OMM) to get the situation under control.

Choosing Okta

IT selected Okta to replace CCM’s on-prem Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) implementation for identity management as part of their Office 365 migration.

Better security

In 2015, when IT created a security team to grapple with security breaches, they found that Okta’s integrated and simple-to-use MFA improved security.

Okta enhances security at Carlisle Construction Materials while improving mobile access

At CCM, Cloud Solutions Architect Jeff Janovich was on a mission to implement and administer Office 365, yet had concerns about identity management, mobile access, and data security. As Carlisle began to go cloud first, he turned to Okta not just for identity access management, but also for Okta Mobility Management (OMM).

The main business driver for finding Okta was our cloud-first initiative. Okta was full-fledged cloud based, providing exactly what we were looking for and doing everything we needed them to do.

Jeff Janovich, Cloud Solutions Architect, CCM

Juggling the move to Office 365

When CCM’s executive team took on a cloud-first initiative, Janovich realized any new web application brought in would need to be cloud based. The alternative was paying for, maintaining, and powering new servers and infrastructure, which would have proven costly in terms of price and physical space.

With over 1,000 of CCM’s 3,000 employees using mobile devices and many working remotely on construction sites, Janovich recognized that mobile access to corporate data was becoming increasingly important to their growth. Field reps performed roof inspections and checked product warranties on-site. “They never come into an office, and it’s difficult to carry or lug around a laptop, so we have a lot of folks using smartphones and iPads,” Janovich explained.

CCM didn’t have a solution for managing mobile devices. “We purchased them, gave them out, and hoped for the best,” Janovich admitted. The company didn’t support a normal bring-your-own-device policy, meaning IT never knew which devices the data was stored on and how securely it was kept.

Help desk calls were also outrageous. IT had a lot of password-reset requests with users locked out of their accounts when their mobile devices got out of sync with their corporate credentials.

For identity management, CCM mainly used on-premises Active Directory, but the need for additional infrastructure proved messy and cumbersome. When they decided to move from Microsoft Exchange to Microsoft Office 365, IT next faced the challenge of migrating user data from one system to the other.

Searching for 24/7, cloud-based functionality

With CCM’s cloud-first initiative in place, Janovich was convinced that any new applications or services he brought in would need to be both cloud-based and highly available.

While using Microsoft’s Exchange for email in-house, IT had multiple servers and a lot of storage to manage email. Moving to Office 365, users loved the additional mailbox space. “It relieved us of the servers and the amount of storage we had to continuously pay for, not only to keep power, but to keep adding storage as we gained email,” Janovich said. In addition, Office 365 had a built-in disaster recovery system.

High availability is paramount for the business. “In manufacturing, you know if you are down for a day, you lose a lot of money, and you lose a lot of prospects and clients.” CCM had power outages in their data center in the past; IT needed a highly available solution so they could keep the lights on and keep chugging along.

When Janovich realized ADFS was not going to provide the right solution, given how much it would take to run properly, he knew he had to look for an alternate option.

Selecting Okta, the only reasonable solution

Janovich contacted three companies, but was concerned they were backward-looking leaders that couldn't deliver on the forward-looking, cloud and mobile-first experience CCM needed. Some of the key issues revolved around cloud-platform latency and support issues.

Then Janovich thought of Okta. “What we were looking for was ease of use, making an administrator’s job easy,” he commented. “We run a pretty lean shop in IT and wear a lot of different hats. That made us look hard at using Okta.”

After a series of conversations and demos, he knew he’d come to the right place. “It was exactly what we were looking for; Okta did everything we needed it to.”

Deploying in record time

Janovich got Okta set up, configured, and working in less than an hour. “Okta made everything a lot simpler for us,” he shared. IT transformed user profile data with Universal Directory for use with O365 and other apps much more simply than working with AD. “They gave me everything I needed right there and then.”

With a quick Okta implementation and move to Office 365, CCM could then focus its attention on additional features and functionalities. “It gives us a better chance to look at mobile-device management and what other applications we can tie in using Okta to make our environment more secure and give users easier access to everything they need,” Janovich stated.

To address mobile-access requirements, CCM rolled out Okta OMM. Janovich walked their pilot group through the enrollment process, and within two minutes, everyone was enrolled and instantly secure. “They were in shock about how easy it was to use the Okta solution and how quickly it took them from not being secure to being secure.”

Moving beyond Active Directory

Janovich was impressed with how Okta tied together all of the systems he was juggling in implementing and administering Office 365. Instead of looking at five, six, or seven screens to manage users, groups, mobile devices, and application access, he realized, Okta gave a single-paned glass view of all user activity— web applications, emails, and mobile devices they administered. Now remote workers can instantly access the data they need across mobile devices, tablets, and laptops, whether on-site or in the office, and Janovich can make sure they're in compliance.

In the past year and a half, CMM has evolved to the point of using nearly 25 apps and 500 OMM users. The overarching effect of shifting to Okta is a ROI of over 500 percent.

CCM has realized over $100,000 in IT savings, including significant cost avoidance from sunsetting ADFS and Dirsync and $30,000 of benefit from automating provisioning requests and reducing help-desk tickets. They’ve realized $50,000 of reporting benefits, including 100 percent automation of mobile audit (tracking enrolled devices and the people accessing corporate resources from them).

Another significant outcome is an increase of over $200,000 in employee productivity. Thirty percent of users require and now have any-device and anywhere access to their apps. Employees save 30 minutes every time they onboard a device, and mobile-password issues have been eliminated entirely. OKTA’s built-in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) app provides self-service for resetting passwords.

Along with IT efficiency and greater employee productivity, security has vastly improved. CCM places that benefit at $200,000 due to reduced credentials, automated deprovisioning, MFA, mobile management, and visibility into everything occurring in their environment with out-of-the box reporting.


Before Okta

After Okta


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Mobile-related AD lockouts (helpdesk tickets)




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