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Sales Development Representative - DUTCH SPEAKING
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Director of Product Management, Mobile
Director/Senior Product Manager (Strong Authentication)
Director/Sr. Product Manager
Platform Solutions Intern - Summer Internship 2015
Product Marketing Intern - Summer Internship 2015
Product Marketing Manager - Business Value Assessment
Technical Marketing Intern - Summer Internship 2015
Technical Marketing Manager
Customer Success Manager
Sr. Customer Success Manager
Sr. Director - Training
Manager, Marketing Operations
Expert Services Program Manager
Expert Services Program Manager
Professional Services Project Manager
Sr. Technical Consultant, Professional Services
Sr. Technical Consultant, Professional Services
Sr. Technical Consultant, Professional Services
Sr. Technical Consultant, Professional Services
Sr. Technical Consultant, Professional Services
Sr. Technical Consultant, Professional Services
Sr. Technical Consultant, Professional Services
Technical Manager
Quality Engineer - Adaptive Authentication (Sr./Staff/Principal)
Quality Engineer – Core Technology (Sr./Staff/Principal)
Quality Engineer - Performance
Release Project Manager
Senior/Staff/Principal Software Engineer – UI Universal Directory (SF, Seattle, Toronto, Austin)
Site Reliability Operator
Software Architect
Software Engineer - Adaptive Authentication (Sr./Staff/Principal)
Software Engineer - Analytics & Reporting (Sr./Staff/Principal)
Software Engineer - Android (Sr./Staff/Principal)
Software Engineer - Core Technology (Sr./Staff/Principal)
Software Engineer - Federations Platform
Software Engineer - O365 Identity Management (Sr./Staff/Principal)
Software Engineer - O365 Identity Management (Sr./Staff/Principal)
Software Engineer - Office 365 Okta Cloud Connect (Sr./Staff/Principal)
Software Engineer - Office 365 Okta Cloud Connect (Sr./Staff/Principal)
Software Engineer - Performance (Sr./Staff/Principal)
Software Engineer - Security (Sr./Staff/Principal)
Software Engineer - Security (Sr./Staff/Principal)
Software Engineer - UI (Sr./Staff/Principal)
Software Engineer - Universal Directory (Sr./Staff/Principal) SF/Seattle/Austin/Toronto
Software Engineer in Test - Analytics & Reporting (Sr./Staff/Principal)
Software Engineer in Test - Technical Operations (Sr/Staff/Principal)
Software Engineer in Test - UI/Selenium (Sr./Staff/Principal)
Sr. Software Engineer - Integration Infrastructure
Staff Engineer – Network and Security Lab
UX Designer
FP&A Analyst
Manager, Global Compensation
People Business Partner
Recruiting Coordinator
IT Support Engineer
Sr. Penetration Testing Engineer
Customer Marketing Associate
Senior Marketing Campaign Manager
Corporate Account Executive
Corporate Account Executive
Corporate Account Executive
Enterprise - Regional Sales Manager (Atlanta)
Enterprise - Regional Sales Manager (LA Area)
Enterprise - Regional Sales Manager (Phoenix Area)
Enterprise - Regional Sales Manager, Atlanta
Field Corporate Account Executive - Central (TOLA)
Field Corporate Account Executive - MI/OH/IN/WI/Eastern Canada
Sales Development Representative
Sales Development Representative
Sales Engineer
Sales Engineer - East
Sr. Account Executive, Renewals
Sr. Manager of Sales Development
Sr. Sales Engineer
Technical Support Engineer
Business Development (ISV) Intern - Summer Internship 2015
Channel Sales Intern - Summer Internship 2015
Senior Manager, Business Development

Customer Success

Customer Success

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Customer Success – Okta's #1 Core Value

Customer Success is the #1 core value at Okta. Wildly successful customers leads to a wildly successful Okta – it's that simple. We live by this every day – everyone does. From engineering to product management, from operations, professional services, and training, to customer support, solution engineering and sales – everyone at Okta is focused on making our customers happy.

Identity and Access Management Customer Deployment Activities

Our Philosophy: An Unwavering Focus on Customer Success

Our philosophy starts with listening to our customers and always considering ways to add value to our customers. We strive to be a trusted partner and truly an extension of our customers' organization. Our customers consider Okta a strategic partner because we make our customers' problems our problem, and we solve them. We are always on and always available to ensure that our identity and access management service is secure, reliable, scalable, and productive for all constituents: users, administrators, our customers' customers and partners, and business owners. We collaborate with our customers to turn ideas into features to better serve their business. By adding these new features, we are turning our service into a more valuable tool for our customers to achieve user productivity, enterprise security and business compliance. Our service can directly impact our customers' top line as well as their bottom line.

Reliability: An Identity Management Service Built to Withstand Everything

The Okta service is 100% reliable -- our customers can count on that – and our service is always on – 365/24/7. Even during extensive datacenter outages impacting brand name service companies, the Okta service has still performed. You may ask how -- the answer is simple: our service is built from ground up to never go down – not even for maintenance. We built our service by taking advantage of multi-zone, redundant and scalable infrastructure across all technology layers, and as a result our customers benefit from having an identity and access management service that is always on, like a dial-tone service.

Transparency: We Share How We Are Doing – Good or Bad

In order to remain a trusted partner, we are always transparent with our customers. Although we strive for perfection – in IT there are always issues to address. One of the best ways to remain really good at what we do is to share how we are doing with our customers with full transparency – good or bad - and get their feedback for improvement. We want our customers to know how we are doing, to truly listen to their feedback, so we can use it to always do better.

Agility: Rapid Innovation

Today's business reality is that our customers' requirements can change quickly. It is essential that our customers work with an identity and access management solution partner, like Okta, who thrives in being agile and who supports our customers with rapid innovation. We are constantly adding features and functionalities to our service. We do a weekly service release – that's fifty releases in a year. Our customers are excited about our ability to innovate, and they note how refreshing our agility is compared to many other enterprise software or SaaS vendors. We convert ideas into actual service features within weeks compared to the industry norm. This benefits our customers because they have access to the latest features to meet their changing requirements – they can rely on Okta to be agile and to continuously innovate.

Responsiveness: Services and Support Model

Products and Engineering
Our products and engineering teams are dedicated to developing and delivering a robust service backed by a comprehensive product roadmap – not only to address customers' requirements today but also to determine what is critical for the future.

Cloud Architects
Our Cloud Architecture service provides a consultative approach, developing pragmatic solutions in complex hybrid IT environments – inclusive of both cloud and on-premise IT investments. We can take on very complex business requirements and turn them into successful solutions in a matter of days and weeks.

Professional and Training Services
Our professional services and training options are built to expedite the deployment of Okta's service. We are focused on ensuring successful customer roll outs, and we're also focused on delivering the most value and the best ROI from our identity and access management service. Our SmartStart service offerings are designed to accommodate the entire lifecycle: discovery, planning, deployment, transition to support, and initial and on-going training. The training plan enables customers to successfully roll out the Okta service to all employees.

Our Support service is built to be proactive and preemptive – we anticipate issues and work collaboratively with our customers to resolve them before they impact our customers. Our support engineers are available 365/24/7 to provide the outstanding support our customers have come to expect. Our satisfaction rating is in the above 98%. Every day we ask ourselves how we can keep business simple and scalable. We offer our customers multiple support options to meet their business needs from 24/7 Premier to 24/7 Premier Plus with a dedicated Technical Account Manager.

Competency: Security and Identity Management is Our Business

We know that our customers rely on our core competency. Our core competency is security and managing identity for anyone, from anywhere and at any time. Our business is to strengthen our customers’ security and identity management by offering a service to manage cloud and on-premise applications, which customers, employees, contractors, customers and partners access through tablets, smartphones and desktops from anywhere in the world. Our customers can count on Okta as their safe and secure identity and access management partner.

A Methodology Perfected to Turn Every Customer into a Customer For Life

Our service delivery methodology sets out to create Customers for Life. Once you are an Okta customer, we strive to keep you happy for life. That means that we not only need to demonstrate how we can add value from the initial evaluation process to selection to planning, deployment, training and on-going support. Our methodology takes five tenets into account:

  • Rapid: Our customers can start using the Okta identity management service immediately. No need to install and configure a system to scale. Leave that to the Okta service. Once the org is established in just minutes, the service can be rolled out in hours and days.
  • Iterative: The Okta service can be deployed in iteration. Each iteration becomes a building block to develop confidence and manage changes effectively. These iterations are driven by the number of apps, types of users, groups, geographic boundaries and service features. We expect our customers to fully rollout the Okta service in only matter of weeks and never more than a few months.
  • Best Practices: With hundreds of successful deployments for companies of all sizes, Okta shares the best practices learned to make our new customers successful in record time. We help our customers deploy the service to maximize their security, user productivity, IT productivity and reduce IT costs – all leading to the best ROI.
  • Agile: We adapt as you need us to. One size does not fit all. We take great care during the solution development phase to determine your requirements and suggest to you how we can meet your requirements, priority and timeline.
  • Results Oriented: Even with our agility, our customers can rely on us 100% to be prescriptive and detailed, which leads to concrete results and success. Every project iteration is designed to drive solid results and business value. We assure our customers that they can benefit all that we discover during the ROI modeling and then some.

Personalized Service

We take a lot of pride in our ability to offer our customers personalized service. We live by a simple philosophy, we make our customers problems our own and we are relentless and do not rest until they are addressed in a timely manner. We understand that every customer is different and so are their needs. We go out of our way to help our customers - just ask any of our customers about Okta's customer service and you will know why you can trust Okta as your premier identity and access management business partner.

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