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Digital revolution

Fox embraces the digital trends from content creation to content distribution.

Move to the cloud

As teams become more distributed, cloud technologies, such as Box and Salesforce, help Fox teams and business partners collaborate and do their best work.

Identity concerns

Fox recognizes the need to simplify and scale cloud application provisioning for internal and external teams.

A savvy partner

After developing a strong relationship with Box, Fox takes their advice and engages Box partner, Okta, to handle identity management for 5,000 Fox employees.

Seamless login

Fox quickly realizes how Okta can help them connect all their users and apps, and decides to roll out Okta to their entire employee base of 22,000 people.

Extended enterprise

Fox takes the next step, bringing external partners onto the Okta platform. Global collaboration becomes a piece of cake.

Secure mobile access

Fox moves forward on a plan to enable employees and partners access to cloud email and collaboration on the go, via Okta Mobility Management.

From back office IT to global media distributors

While Okta handles identity, Twentieth Century Fox focuses on creating and distributing great content.

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Our selection of Okta is not about just solving username and passwords. It’s so much more strategic. This is the foundation for how we create seamless experiences for our users.

John Herbert, CIO, 20th Century Fox

A digital revolution

The entertainment industry experienced a dramatic transformation in the past few years as everything from content creation to global content distribution relies on digital technologies rather than legacy physical workflows.

This transformation has had a profound effect on IT organizations within the industry and our colleagues at 20th Century Fox can attest to this: The work they do today has a lot more to do with the creative process and distribution of film and television content and a lot less to do with “keeping the lights on.”

As Fox continues to create and distribute amazing content, the Fox Media Cloud, a combination of Virtual Private Cloud and Public Cloud, has been critical to this digital transformation. The global distribution of a major theatrical release can easily involve an extended team of hundreds of business partners. In an industry that continually reinvents itself, cloud technologies such as Box and Salesforce help all those people collaborate, stay competitive, and do their best work.

Here, Fox needed a reliable, simple and effective authentication platform to tie all of this together to make sure that the right people were accessing its content at the right time.

Identity as a significant strategy

To bring everyone under the Fox Media Cloud umbrella, Fox needed an identity platform that could address a few important concerns:

  • Scale to make user provisioning simple and seamless across internal and external teams
  • Offer a customized user interface for Fox business partners
  • Simplify a complex Microsoft Active Directory environment
  • Offer extensive reporting and visibility into who is logging on where
  • Offer easy access to mobile teams working on location on different kinds of devices
  • Innovate continuously in the area of identity management, to keep up with customer needs

Fox had developed a strong relationship with Box, which, in turn, had a strong partnership with Okta. Their people connected our people, and, well—you’ve seen this movie before.

“Initially, our focus with Okta was trying to solve a solution around Box,” says Fox CIO, John Herbert. “It was really about simplicity.” 

The plan was to roll Okta out to 5,000 Box users, but that quickly changed when the Fox team realized how easily Okta could connect users to all the cloud apps Fox’s filmmakers, promoters, and distributors needed every day. Soon, all 22,000 Fox employees were using Okta to log into applications such as Box, Coupa, Salesforce, Concur and more.

Looping in external users

The next step was to bring those hundreds of business partners onto the platform, as well. The team worked to connect content creators and content distributors to the Fox Media Cloud so that their collaboration could be truly seamless.

Today, Fox’s extended enterprise is connected like never before. Files can be shared across time zones as easily as across a work table. Each person has just one ID and credential to manage, and one place to access all the apps they need. 

Okta has helped Fox IT seamlessly connect the company’s many divisions, its key business partners, and its complex Active Directory environment. With Okta, it’s easy to manage access policies efficiently—all without the need for a heavy hardware or software footprint.

The next big plot point in Fox’s journey is about mobility—making sure that employees and partners can access their work from wherever they happen to be. Okta Mobility Management has been signed for the lead role, and it looks like a promising sequel.

An IT team focused on media

Today, the IT team at 20th Century Fox is laser-focused on getting content to customers, whether the team member involved is an employee or a partner. “IT is no longer a bottleneck,” says Herbert. “That’s really what Okta is bringing to the table.”

It takes an innovative CIO to recognize the benefits of getting out of the identity management business, but that’s what Herbert is doing. With identity management no longer a concern, Herbert and his team can put their focus on what they know best: movies. 

“It’s an exciting time to be in IT,” says Herbert. “When you think about what digital is doing, and the role IT can play in empowering the enterprise around digital, I don’t think there’s an area in the organization that’s better equipped or partnered with the business to help with that journey.”

We couldn’t agree more.

About 20th Century Fox

For more than 75 years, the people at 20th Century Fox have offered humans the simple pleasure of being transported by a story on a screen. Throughout their history, they have pushed the boundaries of filmmaking with artistic and technological breakthroughs that change the way movies are shot and shown.