Last updated: Jun 08, 2021


Ally’s OKR software helps every part of your business succeed by keeping your team aligned and working together around common goals you can measure. From single sign-on to enhanced user privioning for create, update, activation/deactivation, Okta's Ally integration gives your team the ability to automate these tasks.

The Challenge

  • Lack of clarity. Gaining clarity on the work that matters can be a struggle for many. Without clear communication, it can be difficult to prioritize the work that matters most and that aligns with the company’s goals.
  • Teams are siloed. With many business departments feeling isolated from each other, it can be hard to gain transparency into what others are working on, and can lead to miscommunicated task allocation.
  • Lack of purpose. Employees may feel like they don’t understand or know how their work is contributing to the company’s overall success and how it makes an impact.
  • Not feeling comfortable setting stretch goals. Employees may not feel comfortable setting stretch goals if reaching those goals are directly related to compensation.

The Solution

OKRs give businesses a way to set and communicate important goals across the organization. They keep information organized, while providing clarity and direction in a transparent and focused manner

  • Keep goals front and center. Because goals are aligned across teams, it’s easy to roll progress up at every level, to maintain a clear picture on where things are progressing, and where they are falling behind.
  • Brings focus. OKRs provide direction and keep everyone focused, to eliminate distractions, so the work that matters is always a priority. There is never any guessing as to what employees should be working on each week, or quarter, enabling them to achieve more, and drive greater impact.
  • Drives engagement. Because OKRs use a mix of top-down and bottoms-up alignment, employees work to set many of their own goals which keeps contributors engaged.
  • Enables better decision making. OKRs give insight into the specific wins and losses of teams, and individuals, enabling them to adjust and refine targets for a clearer plan and better results in the future.
  • Drives company-wide alignment. By teams working together, towards the same goals, companies are able to achieve greater impact, and move the company forward much faster.
  • Provides flexible execution. OKRs are meant to be iterative and adapt when change in business happens. By using a weekly check-in cadence, the progress of goals are assessed on a regular basis. This enables proactive management of company-wide progress, and any problems that may surface that pose risk to the achievement of those goals.
  • Efficiency. Setting up OKRs with each team every quarter lays out a battle plan that requires less time on weekly follow-ups and progress reporting.
  • Enables autonomy. By decentralizing the accountability of each key result, each team member has a greater stake in the overall team objectives. This keeps a team motivated to succeed and aligns everyone with the goals of the business.


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