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A G2 Leader in Digital Asset Management for 2020, Bynder is the easiest way to professionally store, manage and distribute digital assets in the cloud. Enable your teams to quickly find the right files, collaborate with real-time edits and approvals, and distribute content to a variety of channels. With Bynder, brands have full control over their marketing and brand operations via one central portal, with role-based access from anywhere, anytime.

=== Bynder Digital Asset Management modules and functionality ===

- Digital Asset Management - simplifying the way you work with your media

Bynder’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) module is the perfect tool to centralize, organize and share all your digital media files. Bynder’s DAM is easy-to-use, yet rich in functionality, enabling you to save time and cut out the hassle when working with media and collaborating with colleagues. Because working with digital files has become the standard for marketing operations, we have made usability Bynder’s most stand-out feature.

- Collections and Permissions - share and distribute your content with peace of mind

Share your media files without wasting precious time on working with ZIP files, chaotic email transfers, and unsecured file transfer tools.

- Creative Workflow - streamline your content creation from the first draft to final approval

With Bynder’s Creative Workflow, you can easily collaborate and communicate with both internal departments and external agencies, so you can speed up content creation from start to finish while making sure reviews and approvals are clear and straightforward for everyone.

- Digital Brand Templates - empower the marketer, free the designer

Bynder’s Digital Brand Templates helps marketing teams create more on-brand content faster by transforming creative files from Photoshop and Sketch into reusable digital templates.

- Print Brand Templates - create branded content in minutes, not hours

With Bynder’s Print Brand Templates, anyone in your team can be a designer and create content that aligns with your brand guidelines, so you can ditch the complicated and expensive design tools and save time and money.

- Digital Brand Guidelines - make sure your brand story is always consistent

Consistency is the key to a strong brand. With the Bynder’s Brand Guidelines, you can create and edit a configurable set of guidelines describing your brand story, and make important elements such as fonts, logos, and tone of voice accessible for everyone.

- Video Brand Studio - Meet the exploding demand for video with an integrated solution to create, adapt, manage, distribute and analyze video assets.

Create on-brand videos without any editing skills with Bynder's Video Brand Studio. Efficiently create sets of related videos to meet the needs of each market, channel, audience, format and testing strategy. Scale the video creation process using templates, batch creation tools, and data-driven creation using external data feeds.

- Advanced Analytics - get meaningful insights into asset
usage and performance

Bynder Analytics gives you the data you need to drill down into the details and measure the performance and usage of digital assets in the portal for straightforward KPI evaluation.

- Integrate with your existing tech stack

Eliminate the downloads, uploads, and emails. Get more from your digital content by integrating Bynder and connecting your technology ecosystem using our pre-built tools. For integrations not available in our marketplace, you can build tailored integrations using our API and Software Development Kits.