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iCIMS Talent Cloud is a cloud platform for recruiting that enables employers to manage their end-to-end talent hiring lifecycle in one unified recruitment platform.

ICIMS Talent Cloud is designed to meet employers’ evolving needs with solutions that can be used together for a seamless experience or integrated with other applicant tracking and HR systems for flexibility. To expand on core talent acquisition capabilities, the iCIMS Talent Cloud is complemented by an ecosystem of nearly 300 integrated partner solutions.

More than 4,000 clients worldwide, including about 20% of the Fortune 100, rely on iCIMS technology to power their recruitment efforts.

iCIMS offers the first unified talent cloud platform, plus an ecosystem of integrated partner products. The Talent Cloud is designed to meet employers’ unique needs—whether through iCIMS’ entire Talent Cloud platform or through individual products—so they can exceed candidate expectations, develop operational efficiencies, and pave the way for business growth. 

The iCIMS Talent Cloud is a unified recruitment platform that empowers you at every stage of the talent continuum, allowing you to attract, engage, hire and advance the world’s best talent.

Applicant Tracking, built to drive efficiency through automation and integration. Mid-sized and large global enterprises scale their hiring operations, improve their candidate experience, and grow using Applicant Tracking, Offer Management, and Onboarding. Integrations, iCIMS’ ecosystem of integrated partner products and services that streamlines recruiting workflows, reduces reliance on internal IT teams, and expedites the time-to-value across hundreds of HR technologies.

The solutions can also be integrated with other applicant tracking and HR systems, providing customers with the flexibility they need. No matter the size and scope of your business, the iCIMS Talent Cloud can help you attract, engage, hire and advance key talent, leading to a winning workforce that can drive your company forward.