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Patch Manager


Since our founding in 2002, we have been continuously committed to product excellence and customer service. With our software development expertise, coupled with our full understanding of the complexity of the domain, we created PATCH MANAGER, a comprehensive cable and asset management solution. PATCH MANAGER is a vital component in making your IT infrastructure more efficient and hassle-free. At Patchmanager B.V., we value longstanding and durable relationships with our customers and partners.

PATCH MANAGER is a comprehensive and powerful software solution for planning, documenting, managing and maintaining the physical layer connectivity, cables & assets of your data center, office, building or outside plant network. The software is versatile and scalable, ideal for small, large or growing infrastructures. With deployment size-based licensing it is a future-proof investment that adapts and evolves along with your organization and infrastructure.
PATCH MANAGER is applicable to a wide variety of network domains:

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

PATCH MANAGER provides a powerful solution for the management of your data center floor space, rack space, IT assets, energy and other resources with integrated end-to-end connectivity management capabilities.

Outside Plant Fiber Network Management

PATCH MANAGER is fully GIS-enabled and gives clear insight into the purpose and usage of all your assets. With realistic template-based modeling that maps one-to-one with the actual infrastructure, our software is a powerful application for managing connectivity in a simple yet effective manner.

Office Network and Building Infrastructure Management

PATCH MANAGER helps you to easily manage your office and building assets and connectivity, from equipment rooms to the work space environment. By providing a flexible work order system, PATCH MANAGER efficiently supports the physical network moves, adds, and changes.

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Apr 23, 2021