The Oktane Awards

Winners will be announced at Oktane15.

What are the Oktane Awards?

The Oktane Awards celebrate the organizations and individuals who are taking big steps that enable their teams to worry less about technology, and focus more on innovative ways to drive value for the business.

The Oktane Awards recognize our inspiring and forward-thinking customers that are achieving ground-breaking results with Okta.

What can you expect as an Oktane Award winner?

You’ll receive recognition as an expert in the industry, great PR for your company and admiration from your peers. Winners will also receive a complimentary pass to Oktane16!

Nominations closed September 30th. Winners will be announced at Oktane15.

Award Categories

IT Pioneer

Our Pioneer customers push Okta to blaze new trails. They challenge the status quo and drive great technological advancements for their companies -- and for Okta. For your submission, share details about the innovative and ground-breaking ways you are using the Okta service in your organization.


We’re always excited to have a new fan of Okta - and some of our customers tend to take advocacy to a new level. Have you earned frequent flier miles on behalf of Okta or referred a few friends to the Okta service? If you’ve earned your advocate badge as an evangelist, we want to thank you in a big way. Please include details regarding your advocacy or “random acts of evangelism” in your submission.


Atlas is known for carrying the earth and the heavens on his shoulders. This category is for the customers who are effectively extending Okta and “doing it all” to cover both internal and external identity management. Share details of how you’re managing the identities of your employees, customers, partners or other external users.


We support swift changes here at Okta and many of our customer have succeeded in rolling out Okta to hundreds of employees and users in a matter of weeks - or even days. Fast deployments are no easy feat and we want to celebrate your speed and agility to make a big organizational change. Share details of your lightning fast deployment including number of users and number of days and your keys to success.

Innovators Award

The Okta Innovators Awards is inspired by the customers who have been around for more than 100 years, yet evolve rapidly, are keeping up with the cloud and mobile times to drive modern approaches to IT. These companies take on massive challenges by championing innovation and championing cloud to their legacy IT environments.

Builder Award

This award recognizes the developers who are using Okta as the identity layer for their products and applications. Customers in this category are using the Okta identity platform to handle identity and access management so they can focus on building the features their customers care about most. Please provide details on your product and how you're using Okta to handle your identity challenges.

Believer Award

This Award recognizes a very loyal customer and true believer in the company, the solution and the future of Okta. If you have brought the power of Okta with you to a new company and have been successful with more than one deployment of Okta, then this Award is for you.

Last Year’s Winners

IT Pioneer
Jason Schlagel, Varian Medical Systems & Carlton Ashley, Intel

Oktane 2014 Awards - IT Pioneer: Jason Schlagel, Varian Medical Systems & Carlton Ashley, Intel

Evangelist Award
George Hegedus, Rosetta Stone & Clint Sorensen, Overstock

Oktane 2014 Awards - Evangelist Award: George Hegedus, Rosetta Stone & Clint Sorensen, Overstock

Lightning Award
Jones-Lang LaSalle

Oktane 2014 Awards - Lightning Award: Jones-Lang LaSalle

Innovator Award
Peter Markos, Rotary International

Oktane 2014 Awards - Innovator Award: Peter Markos, Rotary International

Builder Award
Greg McClellan, Advent

Oktane 2014 Awards - Builder Award:  Greg McClellan, Advent

Believer Award
Johan Dowdy, Twitter

Oktane 2014 Awards - Believer Award: Johan Dowdy, Twitter

Atlas Award
Gaston Zilleruelo, Amway & Ramchand Rao and Josh Giese, Esri

Oktane 2014 Awards - Atlas Award: Gaston Zilleruelo, Amway & Ramchand Rao and Josh Giese, Esri

Partner Impact Award
Rick Koppin, Slalom & Dan O’Leary, Box

Oktane 2014 Awards - Partner Impact Award: Rick Koppin, Slalom & Dan O’Leary, Box