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IT Professionals

It’s a new chapter of IT — one where cloud and hybrid IT solutions are redefining identity and access management. Discover how Okta takes you beyond day-to-day administration so you can focus on projects that drive strategic business value in your organization.

Connect with an IT community at the forefront of the latest in identity and access management.

  • Learn how to implement a unified identity strategy in a hybrid IT environment
  • Get best-practices on implementing and optimizing Okta from other IT leaders
  • Discover new identity integrations across your IT stack
  • Be the first to see Okta’s product and feature roadmap

Security Experts

Guard your company’s most sensitive information with identity-driven security tools. Join a community of security experts to tackle today’s most sophisticated threats and compliance needs.

Take your organization’s security to the next level without compromising the user experience.

  • Use Okta as the foundation for a Zero Trust security architecture
  • Gain tools to investigate suspicious activity and reduce your organization’s potential attack surface
  • Learn about Okta’s latest security features and discover our roadmap of enhancements to protect your organization
  • Join world leaders to discuss today’s most pressing security and regulatory challenges


Fuel organizational change and shape tomorrow’s technology conversations. Hear insights from other leaders who are transforming their industries by enabling seamless and secure productivity for their teams.

Drive innovation and scale with a better bottom line.

  • Discover how the average organization realized savings of $1,612,983 annually with Okta
  • Enable better and more secure customer experiences to build long-term growth strategies for your products
  • Redefine your organizational strategy with Okta’s secure identity solutions
  • Discuss current trends and emerging challenges with peers across a range of industries

Product Leaders

Keep pace with a movement that prioritizes secure and customizable experiences and discover how product leaders are defining the landscape with a customer-focused approach to identity and access management.

Build strategies to bring the best products to market.

  • Accelerate time-to-market and reduce costs when building and deploying applications
  • Demo Okta’s latest features and understand future roadmap releases
  • Learn about best practices to secure applications and APIs, facilitate user migrations, and design frictionless user experiences
  • Get practical guides for unifying customer experiences


Building today’s best applications requires a secure, seamless end-user experience. Meet this demand with insights and resources from experts in identity and security.

Level up your capabilities to build better security into your applications.

  • Learn best practices for protecting your front-end and back-end with OAuth
  • Understand the hype around WebAuthN and the possibility of a future without passwords
  • Learn how Okta APIs and SDKs can help take care of authentication, authorization and user management for your app

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