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Get Okta Certified at Oktane.

Ready to become an Okta Certified Administrator?

You're in luck. Take part in our Okta Administrator Certification Challenge at Oktane, and you don't need to take the exams.

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How does the challenge work?



November 8, 2022



9am - 12pm or
1pm - 4pm



3 hours

You'll do a sample of critical challenges that Okta Administrators encounter regularly. If you successfully finish all the challenges, then you'll get both the Okta Certified Administrator and Professional certifications. The good news is if you only reach the halfway mark, you will still become an Okta Certified Professional.

What do you need to take part?

As long as you use Okta on a day-to-day basis, and have on-the-job training, performing the following tasks, there's little to no additional preparation needed:

Creating and managing users, groups, and user types

Creating SAML and OIDC application integrations

Managing user and application profiles

Mapping profile attributes

Using the Okta expression language

Implementing MFA

Troubleshooting various user and application-related issues

Setting up various administrator roles

If you do not have experience performing those tasks regularly, we encourage you to study up before this event by attending Okta Essentials or by gaining hands-on experience.

Okta Administrator Certification Challenge Pricing

Get Okta Certified at Oktane.
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September 30, 2022



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September 30 - October 28, 2022



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