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Okta Administrator Certification Challenge

Want to become an Okta Certified Administrator, but don’t want to prepare for a traditional exam or take two separate exams? Participate in our first-ever Okta Administrator Certification Challenge. Address a sample of critical challenges that Okta Administrators encounter regularly. If you progress up to the halfway mark, we will grant you the Okta Certified Professional certification. Those who progress through all the challenges successfully will be awarded the Okta Certified Professional and Okta Certified Administrator certifications.


Our upgraded Fast Track experience gets you certified and back to enjoying Oktane quickly.


Put your on-the-job experience to the test. Get certified with little to no additional preparation. Prove your skills on the Okta Platform using preview Okta tenants based on the Okta Identity Engine. For up to three hours, you will navigate, progress through checkpoints, and demonstrate your Okta knowledge in a live environment.


Validate your Okta knowledge and skills, prove your expertise to the world, and position yourself and your team for long-term success.


Duration: 3 hours

When: Tuesday, November 8

Two Options Available: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM or 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


What are the prerequisite knowledge and skills for those interested in this challenge?


The Okta Administrator Certification Challenge is intended for individuals who have on-the-job, hands-on experience performing the following tasks in Okta tenants running on the new Okta Identity Engine:

  • Creating and managing users, groups, and user types
  • Creating SAML and OIDC application integrations
  • Managing user and application profiles
  • Mapping profile attributes
  • Using the Okta expression language
  • Implementing MFA
  • Troubleshooting various user and application related issues
  • Setting up various administrator roles

If you do not have hands-on experience performing those tasks regularly, we recommend you acquire experience before this event by attending Okta Essentials or by gaining hands-on experience with the above tasks using your preferred method for learning.



  Okta Administrator Certification Challenge

Early Bird

(August 26, 2022)

$349 USD


(August 27 - October 28, 2022)

$399 USD



Have questions about Okta Certifications? Contact us at [email protected].