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Single Sign-On for Your Employees

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The way we work has changed: we now do our jobs anywhere, any time, and from any device. Your employees need simple and secure access to their apps, and while many of these apps are still on premise, a growing number have moved to the cloud or are native apps on tablets and smart phones.

With Okta’s single sign-on from any device your employees can focus on doing their jobs, which is what IT is all about.

Let Your Employees Finally Work at Full Speed

Okta solves the username / password management nightmare. Your employees can access all of their web applications, both behind the firewall and in the cloud, with a single login. And with a simple and intuitive interface, your employees are presented with all of their apps quickly, so they can get to work immediately.

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Single Sign-On For All Devices - Theirs and Yours

Okta provides a seamless experience across PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Your employees can now take advantage of BYOD by getting simple and secure access from all their computing devices.

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Get New Employees Up and Running on Day One

Okta provisions applications for new users automatically. Based on changes in user stores like Active Directory or HR systems like Workday, Okta can get new employees access to the right apps from day one, with a simple and clean onboarding process.

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Maximize Your ROI with Single Sign-On

One of the biggest returns on an investment in Okta is increased user productivity. No more password resets locking employees out of their apps. No more help desk requests looking for help finding that new web-based expense reporting system. And a simple and secure login from any web-connected device, be it at a desk, at home, or on the go. All of these add up to your employees getting more work done, giving you the best ROI of any IT management system.

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