At Oktane21, you’ll make connections, learn new skills, and emerge ready to keep creating breakthrough experiences in identity, security, and access. This is a free and virtual event.

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April 6-8, 2021 | Virtual + Free


Make connections possible at Okta’s premier identity conference.


Whiskey and Workflows

In this virtual happy hour, attendees will be joined by a master distiller to take guests through five bourbon samples from Heaven Hill Distillery, elaborating on the notes and scents to look out for and identifying components behind each. Weaved into the tasting, Okta will sharing details on Okta Workflows. We will demonstrate how to easily connect users to applications and devices. How to build and automate business processes using rich logic, precise timing and deep actions across applications. Get ready to swirl and sip in the comfort of your own home! Seats are limited for this engagement - so please RSVP today.

Conference - Okta-Sponsored Virtual

Billington CyberSecurity Defense Summit

This groundbreaking summit—to occur from 10:00 a.m. ET until 2:30 p.m. ET on April 22—charts the acute need for a paradigm shift toward data security and zero trust in the new normal. It convenes senior industry and government decision-makers from the civilian, intelligence, and defense agencies as well as new cyber leaders in the Administration.

Workshops Virtual

Cheers with Peers: Virtual Spring Spirits Tasting

Okta is hosting a virtual spirit tasting experience with master sommelier, Jeremiah Moorehouse, for our IT and security peers. Okta customer, Deluxe Corporation, will join us to discuss and answer your questions about how they are centralizing customer identity on Okta which allows them to protect customer information, improve customer experiences and create new opportunities to generate revenue.

Conference - Okta-Sponsored Virtual

Customer Experience Summit

In the past year as the COVID-19 pandemic swept the nation, citizens and employees have relied on government services more than ever - and seamless customer experiences have never been more important. During the 11th CX Summit, Government Executive, Nextgov, and Route Fifty are teaming up to explore how government has combined technological innovation and organizational culture to rethink how to serve its customers. From crisis communication to digital services, we’ll offer a playbook for federal and state and local agencies can continue to make strides in their customer experiences throughout the year.

Conference - Okta-Sponsored Virtual

IT Pro Today: Cybersecurity Risk Management

The shared responsibility model of cloud computing means companies are responsible for securing their cloud-based data, apps and infrastructure. But since not every workload demands the highest level of security, how do you balance risk tolerance and cost? This virtual trade show will highlight the latest strategies, tools and research to help you develop the right cybersecurity risk strategy for your business.

Webinars + Demos Canada-specific, Virtual Event

Brian Krebs And Marc Rogers In Conversation

Okta Canada Is Hosting A Conversation With Brian Krebs, American Journalist And Investigative Cybersecurity Reporter, And Marc Rogers, Executive Director Of Cybersecurity Strategy At Okta On The Lessons Learned From Major Nation-State Attacks Like Solarwinds And The Emerging 2021 Trends In Cybersecurity.

Conference - Okta-Sponsored Virtual | APAC

Cyber Security for Financial Services Asia

This event focuses on the critical need for FIs to review and strengthen their security controls; ensure persistent control enforcement across newly expanded footprints; and manage the risks to the broader third-party ecosystem to strengthen cyber resilience within the industry. Cyber Security for Financial Services 2021 is bringing together FI leaders to address important strategies to build and drive cyber resilience within FIs in today’s digital society. Connect with Okta at this event to discuss your IAM needs for your organization. 

Webinars + Demos Virtual | APAC

Okta Japan Weekly Webinar - Lifecycle Management

"Understanding Okta from scratch in 60 minutes" Webinar series

Lifecycle Management Edition

The burden of managing IDs and access to IT departments is increasing due to staff joining and leaving a company, personnel changes, organizational restructuring, and organizational expansion. This session introduces how you can automate, save labor, and speed up alliance work associated with ID and account registration and changes.

Conference - Okta-Sponsored Virtual | APAC

Cybersecurity Summit ASIA - Identity as the Perimeter

As traditional on-prem controls no longer can be relied on, identity must be the security control providing access to the right resources under the right conditions. Secure access is key. When the number and complexity of cloud-based applications- with various new and coming regulations around them- Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a must and Identity and Access Management (IAM) is imperative. The Identity-as-the-Perimeter mindset has taken hold. From CISOs to front lines security executives, are facing the challenges of fully integrating secure access tools into the fabric of the enterprises to gain full value. Connect with Okta at this event to discuss Identity-Based Zero Trust that adapts to the new and changing circumstances.

Conference - Okta-Sponsored Virtual | Australia

CISO IAM Demo Day: Identity & Access Management ANZ

The CISO Demo Day series is designed to help IT Security professionals streamline your vendor evaluation process for upcoming projects. In just a few short hours, you can meet Okta and 3 other providers in a specific vendor category through a series of relaxed group product demonstrations, ask your questions and discuss challenges with peers who are on the same journey. You will accelerate your information discovery stage and quickly move to a short-list of potential suppliers whom you are confident are able to meet your unique requirements. On the day Okta will share a customer case study and live demonstration and be available for Q&A.