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Enabling Next-Gen Security for Student Success

Digital transformation initiatives are at the forefront of many institutions’ strategic plans. However, ensuring security remains the number one priority. Securing campus identities has become more critical to protect against data breaches, which means that security teams must find new approaches that offer threat-aware conditional access anytime, anywhere. Colleges and universities need new tools for real-time threat assessment and modern identity and access management so they can mitigate internal and external threats while keeping campus users productive.

Join CrowdStrike and Okta to discuss the higher education cybersecurity landscape, best practices for securing access and preventing threats in real time, and why a Zero Trust approach is vital for institutions.

Webinars + Demos Virtual

Best of Oktane21: Developer Edition

Learn what Okta's latest announcements and advancements can do for your apps and services at this "Best of Oktane21 for Developers'' recap! Take a deep dive into our latest products and features and learn how to leverage them when building your own applications.

What will be covered in this webinar:

  • Creating fully branded device challenge experiences using the Okta Devices SDK
  • Developer experience enhancements to secure your apps faster
  • New integrations to automate customer identity workflows and deliver continuous authentication decisions
  • What's new with OAuth and OpenID Connect
  • Upcoming Okta events for developers
  • Q&A
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The Keys to Decentralized Identity

Identity is key to everything we do in a digital world: from online banking to your favorite streaming services to your workplace apps, it serves as the core of your interactions with digital systems. Decentralized identity puts control of that digital ID in the hands of the individual, replacing traditional identifiers like usernames with IDs that are self-owned and independent – but delivering on this promise is easier said than done. In this session, we'll break down what decentralized identity is, the potential technologies that can help deliver on it, and the challenges that must be overcome to achieve it.

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Customer Identity Workflows

Join Okta to learn about Customer Identity Workflows functionality that recently launched, as well as what's planned for the future. We'll be covering new use cases, connectors, pricing, and platform improvements that will make your entire Okta Workflows experience better. We'll also be digging into the biggest learnings from our customers during our Early Adopter Program and what's in store for the near-term roadmap.

Conference - Okta-Sponsored Virtual

Exploring Transformational Technologies

Achieving IT and business success in today's challenging environment is tougher than ever but will be practically impossible without a thorough understanding of the latest technology solutions available on the market. Staying current with the new products, tools, and services to support IT is increasingly a tall order as vendors innovate and technologies evolve.

On the ActualTech Media Discovery Days event we will introduce you to a vast swath of transformational technology solutions in a comprehensive, fast-paced event that provide you with a chance to gain quick insight into the presented products. But there's a twist!

On the Discovery Day event, you'll have the unique opportunity to immediately choose which solutions you'd like to deep dive on and learn more.

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Unlocking collaboration in the workplace, featuring IDC

As many organizations now support largely distributed workforces, leaders are looking at technological options to support employees' needs for collaboration and productivity while maintaining user security. IDC research shows that 47% of CEOs support moving more applications to the cloud to provide better security and availability.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Discuss how remote work is redefining the workplace, and creating new opportunities for collaboration
  • Explore the right mix of tools, security and governance required for today’s workforce, enabling employees to work from anywhere and with any device
  • Learn how leveraging open APIs and flexible technologies not only delivers on employee expectations, but translates to real business value
Webinars + Demos Virtual

Zero Trust in a World of Dynamic Work

As the world opens, companies are adopting a new style of working together. With the adoption of mobile and cloud, the focus has shifted to a Zero Trust approach – enabling the right level of access to the right users regardless of their location, device, or network.

During this webinar,  we’ll discuss how your Dynamic Workforce will evolve with the extension Zero Trust across your security ecosystem and why identity management is central to your infrastructure by:

  • Discussing best practices for enhancing your security posture with Okta’s enhanced Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Learning how to extend Okta’s Single Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication, and Lifecycle Management to your Linux and Windows servers to secure access over SSH and RDP
  • Understanding how to leverage Okta for modern experiences with on-premises applications like Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, etc
User Groups Virtual

Ohio User Group

Join us for the next virtual Ohio user group on July 14th at 3:00 PM EDT. The meeting will be a great opportunity to connect with peers, learn how other IT and security experts use Okta, and hear from the Okta team. This will be an interactive session for Okta customers.


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CSO’s Future of Cybersecurity and Trust Summit

As organizations invest in software and technology infrastructure to drive digital business, security executives face a stark reality: digital infrastructure is advancing with velocity and complexity – and cyberthreats are too. CSO, the tech industry’s premier voice on cybersecurity, presents a summit where top executives and leaders will provide up-to-the-minute insights on how to successfully safeguard your organization. Over three days, IT professionals will learn, contribute to the conversation and source new solutions providers.

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How Identity-Focused Security Can Drive Digital Business

Alongside the rise in remote work, there’s been a staggering increase in security threats, in particular account takeover (ATO) attacks. Even minor incidents can threaten monetary loss, chargebacks, regulatory fines, and reputation loss. Many organizations see the looming threat that ATO attacks pose to their business, but don’t understand the most important place to start for prevention: identity security.

Join this webinar with IDG and Okta, where you’ll learn:

  • Why identity-focused security is a critical element in driving digital business
  • Survey insights on global IT leaders’ identity and access management objectives, practices, and challenges
  • The perceived threat of account takeover attacks and methods of prevention