How Cloud-based IAM Enables Digital Business

An IDG QuickPulse study

Do you ever feel like the digital-era equivalent of Dr. Frankenstein? You work hard to cobble your legacy and cloud apps together into something that gives employees, partners, and customers access from online, mobile, and connected devices. But more and more, your creation is ungainly and horrifying, rather than efficient and useful. You’re not alone. Most IT decision-makers today struggle to help users navigate between on-prem and cloud solutions. In a recent IDG research study, 91% of respondents said solving this identity management conundrum is critical or very important to succeeding with their digital initiatives. The vast majority of respondents long for an efficient solution that users and customers love to use. Unfortunately, you can’t do away with this monster by just reversing legacy technology decisions and starting fresh in the cloud. This white paper examines how your peers are wrestling with digital, lowering total cost of ownership, and building an identity management strategy that supports their goals. See how identity-as-a-service can help tame your identity management beast, while improving security and delighting customers.

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