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Creating mobile apps that capture the minds and wallets of your customers will lead to increased revenue and improved customer engagement. However, you must do so while protecting customers’ privacy and shielding them from fraud and other malicious activities. To do this, security and risk (S&R) pros need to design security controls that, ideally, improve customer experience, or at a minimum, don’t detract from it. Passwords and traditional out-of-wallet questions are go-to security measures but are weakening by the day. Moreover, because consumers are task-oriented, going in and out of apps and other services quickly, these clunky security controls are no longer acceptable. There are a number of security technologies that will have a major business impact on mobile initiatives, but perhaps the most significant and promising is mobile authentication. Using a combination of new sensors, biometrics, and physical device characteristics, mobile authentication will help preserve the trust customers require in a digital economy. This report will help S&R pros understand the growing mobile authentication market and its transformative impact on customers’ mobile moments.

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