Okta Security: Technical White Paper

Okta understands that Identity and Access Management and Information Security are mission-critical functions in modern organizations. Our customers trust Okta to safely connect people to technology. That trust requires a service that is highly available and secure. As an Okta customer, you benefit from a service designed, built, maintained, and monitored to meet the rigorous Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations and industries.

This document provides an introduction to Okta’s approach to managing security throughout the following chapters:

  • Okta and Service Security: provides an overview of Okta, the Okta Identity Cloud Service, Okta’s approach to security, and the shared security model.
  • Okta Security Controls: lists some of the major security controls implemented and leveraged by Okta to safeguard your data and to maintain the service’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
  • Compliance: lists the security certifications achieved by Okta’s Identity Cloud Service and how Okta can help you achieve security certifications and comply with regulations from your specific industries.
  • Learn More: provides additional resources about Okta security and how you can strengthen your security posture by leveraging the Okta Identity Cloud products.

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