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What is Continuous Authentication?

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Deconstructing the DOJ Iranian Hacking Indictment

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Is Passwordless Authentication Actually Secure?

Passwords are frustrating. We know they should be unique, but then they’re hard to remember. We know they should be complex, but then they’re even harder to remember and painful to create. Password managers mostly solve the problem for those savvy enough to use them and determined enough...

Multi-factor Authentication: Because Phishing Happens

You’re at your desk, neck deep in deadlines (because aren’t we all) and suddenly, a notification appears. You have new mail! At first glance, it looks like the mundane Microsoft service notification email you usually ignore. Then, a moment of panic. What?! They’ve blocked my email?!? I need that!...

What is Multi-factor, or Two-factor Authentication?

Passwords aren’t good enough

Securing your enterprise can seem like a daunting task. In the past, companies were comfortable with the standard username- and password-based authentication to all apps and services, with no additional methods of authentication or authorization. Access to corporate resources was protected by firewalls...

What is Continuous Authentication?

Authentication is undoubtedly one of the most crucial aspects of cybersecurity today, but our understanding of how to verify users and their actions has been largely unchanged for decades. It always works the same: the user provides something they know (password), have (ID), or are (fingerprint) and if this input...

Meet the SGT, an osquery Management Server Built Entirely on AWS!

Simple Go TLS, or SGT as we’re calling it, is an osquery endpoint management server written in Go and backed by AWS services, designed to take advantage of the native scaling, performance, and reliability of the AWS cloud environment.

At Okta, osquery has become a powerful part...