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What is Continuous Authentication?

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Deconstructing the DOJ Iranian Hacking Indictment

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How Okta’s ThreatInsight Enhances Adaptive MFA

We tend to think of passwords in terms of modern technology—a reliable method of logging into (and securing) everyday apps like Gmail and Facebook. But passwords have been around for a long time. Consider the secret code words used to open locked doors hundreds of years ago. Why are we...

By Teju Shyamsundar

Tell Us Your Online Holiday Shopping Habits And We’ll Tell You How Safe You Are

This week, Yubico, one of our finest security partners, asked our Okta team about ways to stay safe during the holiday shopping season. Take the following little quiz to check your own security savvy when visiting sites and opening holiday emails. Give yourself a point for each best practice you...

By Pamela Armstead

WebAuthn, the Road to Passwordless, and Other Considerations

Passwords. Most of us have a love-hate relationship with them. Security best practices and common sense tells us to pick unique, hard-to-guess passwords for every account, which makes management of them a pain, or leads to bad password habits like reusing them. Then there’s the inherent security of passwords, or...

By Krystal Wang

Build vs. Buy: The Value of MFA Implementation Through APIs and SDKs

Developers need to make their cloud-native applications secure, which can demand a lot of resources and take their focus off the core functionality of an app. But building security into an app doesn’t need to be challenging or time-consuming. Leveraging APIs and SDKs means developers can strengthen an app while...

By Pamela Armstead

Throw No Stones at Facebook

People who live in glass houses, probably shouldn’t throw stones.

Over the last month, many organizations and thought leaders have lined up to criticize Facebook over their recent breach . While I agree with them — it was pretty bad, I propose that we also take a step...

By Marc Rogers

A Data Breach Risk Assessment Checklist

When it comes to data security, there’s no such thing as too big to fail. Chances are, if you’ve switched on the news recently you’ve heard of at least one high-profile data breach. Perhaps of even greater concern is that a few large organizations have fallen victim to multiple data...

By Krystal Wang

Office 365, MFA + Myths

In this blog, we’re taking a look at the ubiquitousness of Office 365, and how that popularity poses a special challenge for MFA-based security. But we also detail ways to remove false assumptions and combate the specific threats. Our key solutions toward bridging the gaps in MFA enforcement are...

By Abhishek Singh