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What is Continuous Authentication?

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Deconstructing the DOJ Iranian Hacking Indictment

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What is Zero Trust Security?

Zero Trust security is a new strategy for keeping enterprise data secure, rooted in the idea that you can no longer rely on the network perimeter to assess trust. In a Zero Trust model, people are the new perimeter, and identity is the core of maintaining a secure environment....

Using SIEM and Identity to Protect Against Data Breaches

“We are what we repeatedly do“ is a common paraphrase of Aristotle—though if he were around today, his sentiment might be more like “we are what we search, click, or connect to.” As security professionals well know, there’s a lot to learn from how we use technology.

The interactions...

Understanding FIDO Standards: Your Go-To Guide

FIDO is an acronym that comes from the Latin fido, meaning ‘to trust’, which was popularised by Abraham Lincoln—who borrowed it to name his dog. It’s a fitting name for man’s best friend, and just as appropriate in the security world, where trust is key.

A more technical reference,...

Cybersecurity and the Unexpected Consequences of the Government Shutdown

On December 22, 2018, the U.S. government instituted a partial shutdown when Congress failed to approve an appropriations bill. The consequences of this lapse in funding are obvious and very visible, from parks closed due to lack of trash collection, to the suspension of key services like federal housing loans....