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What is Continuous Authentication?

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Deconstructing the DOJ Iranian Hacking Indictment

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Okta Auth API: We roll auth so you don’t have to

Secure authentication is crucial for customers using your app. But building an authentication model for your application from the ground up is not easy for your developers. From dealing with conflicting user schemas to easing the flow of data between components, managing and protecting user accounts is probably not your...

CSA Summit Panelists Talk Disruptive Technologies at RSA19

At RSAC19, The Cloud Security Alliance hosted a discussion titled, “The Approaching Decade of Disruptive Technologies,” featuring security leaders from Duo, Centrify, Onapsis, and Okta’s own Executive Director of Cybersecurity Strategy, Marc Rogers. IOActive CEO Jennifer Steffens led the session with the intent of discussing what disruptive technologies are...

Password spraying detection: Where do I start?

Password spraying has been one of the hottest topics in cyber security in the last few years. Right off the heels of multiple high-profile breaches, it’s been getting a lot of attention from security vendors, reporters, and the security community as a whole. In this post, we’ll discuss why password...

What are Salted Passwords and Password Hashing?

Security is often not top of mind when creating customer-facing applications. But in a landscape of continual data breaches of major corporations like T-Mobile and Google , companies must be vigilant to adhere to security best practices.

Processes like password salting and hashing are fundamental to...