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What is Continuous Authentication?

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Deconstructing the DOJ Iranian Hacking Indictment

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There’s No Place for Passwords in the Future of Work

Everyone has probably had this experience at some point: you set up an account for a work application—and the next time you need to use it, you’ve forgotten the complex password the application required. For today’s workforce, the erosion of trust in technology starts with the unreliability of a system...

Defending Against Identity Attacks Today and Tomorrow

Anyone who’s ever had their account hacked knows firsthand just how vulnerable our digital identities can be. But having our identities jeopardized doesn’t have to be our fate. Instead, users can take a future-proof approach to protecting themselves from the onslaught of costly identity attacks—both in their personal and professional...

How Okta and BetterCloud secure your SaaS user interactions

The rise of user mobility and SaaS application adoption have drastically changed the landscape for access and security: more people are accessing more resources from more locations and more devices. Organizations must ensure that all users around the globe — whether remote employees, customers, partners, or contractors — can securely...