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Passwordless Authentication: Where to start

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Okta Device Trust: Get the Most out of Integrating Identity + Endpoint Management

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Biometric Authentication

Among the newest security factors, biometrics are among the most secure login credentials. From fingerprint scanning to facial recognition to voice authentication, biometrics are the best second security factor that you can implement to keep your data and users safe.

Why Your Customers Need Passwordless Authentication

In today’s threat landscape, passwords have become increasingly ineffective for protecting customer authentication and data—and they’re also unintended inhibitors for user experience. As such, it’s not surprising that many organizations are exploring passwordless authentication as a more secure, user-friendly alternative.

In our previous...

WebAuthn, the Road to Passwordless, and Other Considerations

Passwords. Most of us have a love-hate relationship with them. Security best practices and common sense tells us to pick unique, hard-to-guess passwords for every account, which makes management of them a pain, or leads to bad password habits like reusing them. Then there’s the inherent security of passwords, or...

Taking a Risk-Based Approach to Biometrics

Biometric authentication — using the unique biological characteristics of an individual to verify their identity — has been around since the dawn of humankind.

Think about it: humans use facial and voice recognition every day to identify each other. Signature recognition came about when the first contracts were originally...

Biometrics for Authentication: The Risks and Potential Rewards

In the last ten years, biometric technology has morphed from something Hollywood villains use to secure their secret dungeons to something almost everyone has in their pocket. But while adoption of biometric security has seen explosive success, misconceptions about biometric authentication are still very common. Let's take a look at...