Okta + SailPoint: Delivering end-to-end identity access, governance, and security



Speaker 1: The world's top enterprises are struggling with the same dilemma. How to unify, manage, and automate, identity access, security, and governance, across a sprawling hybrid IT environment. IT has never been more complex. With a mix of on-premises, cloud, and hybrid applications accessed by employees, partners, contractors, and suppliers, providing easy yet secure user access and governance poses a major challenge, especially in highly regulated industries.

Speaker 1: That's why we're excited about the power of Identity Squared in integrated end-to-end identity access and governance solution. The combination of Okta, the leader in identity and access management, with SailPoint, the leader in identity governance, provides enterprise organisations an end-to-end, best in class, fully integrated solution.

Speaker 1: Our combined solution is tried and tested to: securely and to easily govern all users application and data access throughout the entire user lifecycle; enforce access with single sign-on and adaptive multifactor authentication, providing employees simple secure access; enable comprehensive control and visibility of who has access to what from identities to accounts to entitlements, maintaining a secure user experience; grant and maintain secure access according to established business policies enforcing compliance requirements; and improve productivity while reducing overall IT costs by automating time-intensive processes such as onboarding, password resets, and access requests.

Speaker 1: See why some of the world's leading businesses are turning to Okta and SailPoint to mitigate the risk of a security breach and enforce compliance policies. Visit us online to get started today.

With the demise of the traditional enterprise network security perimeter, enterprises are leveraging the power of identity to secure and control access to all applications, systems, and data. All this IT infrastructure is housed both on-premises and in the cloud, and must be accessed by authorised local and remote employees as well as a growing web of partners, contractors, and suppliers.

Watch this video and learn how the Okta Identity Cloud coupled with SailPoint Identity Governance can help you securely and effectively authenticate, provision, and govern access to all applications and data across the hybrid cloud and on-premises enterprise.