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Software Engineer - O365 Identity Management (Sr./Staff/Principal)
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Corporate Account Executive
Corporate Account Executive
Corporate Account Executive
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Enterprise - Regional Sales Manager, Atlanta
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Field Corporate Account Executive - MI/OH/IN/WI/Eastern Canada
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Sales Development Representative
Sales Development Representative
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Business Development (ISV) Intern - Summer Internship 2015
Channel Sales Intern - Summer Internship 2015
Director, Business Development -- Mobile Partnerships
Senior Manager, Business Development

Increase Security & Compliance

Secure and Manage All Your Applications


Securing Cloud Applications with Multifactor Authentication

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Okta's identity management solution covers your cloud apps, your on-premises web apps, and your native mobile apps. And because Okta builds and manage these app integrations for you, Okta has you covered today AND in the future.

Grow Your IT Infrastructure Quickly AND Securely

Enterprises increasingly use cloud and web-based solutions so they can move their businesses forward quickly. Solutions that used to take 18-24 months to deploy can now be rolled out in weeks. But that speed of deployment can sacrifice security. The Okta identity management solution secures all of your applications, and lets you roll out and manage your apps even faster than before. No need to compromise between agility and security.

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Cover All Your Applications with One Identity Management Service

The Okta Application Network has 1,000’s of apps in it now and is growing every day. And with templates and toolkits, you can easily and quickly add your own apps too. This can only be solved with an identity management system that was built from day one in the cloud. From the first line of code we wrote, Okta built a central place to manage app integrations, forever removing this burden from customers.

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Leverage What You Already Use and Know

When employees join or leave your company, Okta automatically provisions and de-provisions their apps. User changes can be made in Active Directory or LDAP user stores, and Okta does the rest. Okta not only integrates with AD and LDAP user stores, but it also connects with on-premise identity management suites from vendors like CA, Oracle and IBM. Okta integrates everywhere and provides a seamless transition from legacy identity software to a modern identity service.

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Build in Extra Authentication - With No Additional Cost

Okta's identity management solution includes support for additional authentication factors like security questions, smartphone soft token apps, SMS factors, and Okta also plays well with second-factor authentication solutions from RSA, Symantec, and Verisign.

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Okta Makes Your Cloud Secure

Using Okta’s on-demand identity management service improves your security through:

  • Centralized access policy for all your apps

    All access to cloud and on-premises applications is controlled from a single point and security policies can easily be applied to all apps rather than one at a time via a simple—to-use web interface.

  • Comprehensive Active Directory integration

    Administrators can control access from Active Directory and users get access to all of their apps, whether cloud or on-premises, with the network credentials they know.

  • Minimized password fatigue

    In many cases Okta eliminates the need for passwords with support for federated authentication (e.g. SAML) , and when passwords are required, they are encrypted, not scribbled on sticky notes or stored in spreadsheets.

  • Audit logs and reporting

    Okta provides audit access to all cloud apps. Use the rich set of integrated reports or export to an external archive and reporting tool.

  • Managed password policy

    A single consistent password policy, applied to all applications.

  • Centralized deprovisioning

    User deactivation is typically triggered from a corporate identity store such as Active Directory. With Okta’s centralized deprovisioning, deactivating a user in AD initiates a deprovisioning workflow immediately to ensure maximum effectiveness in preventing rogue access to Okta and other cloud applications.

  • Role-based administration

    The Okta administrative permissions model provides granular access control to, and administrative rights for, the individual capabilities of the Okta service.

  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

    Okta provides two additional authentication factors: a security question and a smartphone based soft token. These options effectively protect against phishing, key loggers and other password theft attempts, and they are both built in to the Okta service. If you already have an MFA solution in place, Okta can seamlessly work with that too.

Enterprise-grade identity & mobility management for all your apps, users & devices

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