Are you ready for NIS2?

The EU's NIS2 Directive is coming soon. Find out what it means for your organisation and how a sound Identity framework can mitigate risk.

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What is NIS2?

The European Union's upcoming NIS2 Directive seeks to enhance cybersecurity across member states. It mandates new requirements on security, auditing, and incident reporting, and will impact a broad spectrum of businesses across Europe. With the new rules due to be incorporated into national law by October 2024, organisations must start preparing now - or face legal and financial repercussions for failing to comply.

Up to 10million (euro) or 2% of global annual revenue fine for non-compliance

How to prepare for NIS2

Get your organisation ready for NIS2 and mitigate the risk of non-compliance with this 7-step checklist.

Identity is key to NIS2 compliance

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Mitigate risk

Ensure the right people have the right access to the right resources with robust Identity governance

Strengthen security

Add an extra layer of protection with phishing-resistant Multi_Factor Authentication.

Respond to incidents fast

Track and trace actions, attribute them to the right people, and remediate them swiftly.

Unsure where your organisation stands on NIS2?

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NIS2 and how to prepare for Compliance

Are you ready for NIS2 and do you understand how Identity can help get you there? Watch this video to learn more about why NIS2 is important, what's new and how to prepare.

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