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Health & Safety

Okta takes the health and safety of our delegates very seriously and we are working with the Brewery to review the safety risks identified in relation to COVID-19. Many restrictions are being lifted across the UK. However, we will continue to closely monitor and update our policies and advice accordingly.

The Brewery has drawn up the following safety measures based on guidance and advice from Public Health England (PHE), the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the management team's collective experience of safely running over 500 events a year.

The situation surrounding COVID-19 can rapidly evolve and the following safety measures are in no way definitive. Okta will work with the Brewery to continually review, assess and update the safety measures in line with any changes to UK Government policy and regulations.

We strongly recommend that our delegates familiarise themselves with the UK Government's guidance on the GOV.UK website and check regularly for updates.

  • Hands Free Access - a newly installed system allows all venue doors to be held open, using automatic floor sensors. This enables touch free access for all guests to all event spaces. 
  • Room Ventilation - all rooms are ventilated using air handling or air conditioning units. Air filters tested in accordance with EN779:2012 and ISO16890 and are changed on a weekly basis. The systems used draw in 100% fresh air. Any windows can be opened on request to allow the flow of fresh air into the room. 
  • Enhanced Internal Cleaning - the regularity of internal cleansing and sanitising schedules have been increased, with extra cleaners employed to ensure frequent touch contact points are sanitised regularly. 
  • Sanitisers - hands free sanitisers and sanitising stations are available throughout the venue. 
  • PPE and Training - all staff are provided with the necessary PPE to allow them to carry out their role safely. Additional training is provided to ensure all new policies and practices are strictly adhered to. 
  • Staff Testing - all Brewery staff are regularly tested for Covid-19
  • Guest face coverings - face coverings are no longer required by law in England, and are now a personal choice. Face masks will be provided to anyone who wishes to use one.