Okta helps HubSpot IT manage 70+ cloud apps



Jim O'Neill:  Hubspot's mission is to make marketing something that people love. We do that through an all-in-one integrated online marketing platform that includes blogging, landing pages, social media interactions, web analytics, and email marketing. It's really every tool that an online marketer would need in a modern age.

Hubspot's been fortunate as we started the company in 2006 when the cloud was really emerging. We've always been fortunate to be in the cloud. We've very, very rarely had any systems that we had to replace or became "legacy systems" because we've been able to basically use cloud from day one.

Before Okta, Hubspot used active directory as our core identity tool. It was very limited based on how many SaaS based applications actually had native support for active directory. Truly, ended up with bifurcation between what IT could manage centrally as well as what we would have to provision in every one of the 70 plus SaaS based applications.

Post Okta, it's been great because we can, essentially, for every application say which users have which privileges within those applications. It greatly reduces our onboarding time and our burden there in IT, as well as the employee experience day one, minute one they get access to everything they need within the Hubspot portfolio.

Favorite features that our end-users talk about for Okta is the single sign-on dashboard. They simple go to their branded domain in the morning. It brings up the list of applications that they have access to and they start their day there.

Key features from the IT standpoint is the record's management, i.e. who's using what application how often. We look for adoptions. I had some information on exactly how much usage is going on into these third party application, which is very difficult often to get through those third party applications themselves.

We're a hyper growth startup today. We add between 30 and 50 employees every single month. If you think about 70 different systems, the combinations and permutations are massive. Something that would've taken a classic IT organization hours if not days, takes us minutes. That's a huge value add to us.

Hubspot looked at two or three other prominent Cloud based identity access management tools. We felt both Okta was further along in the vision of where this is an emerging space as well as the trust around Okta was much greater than the other providers, frankly. We also felt that the technology behind Okta was more inline wit Hubspot's vision as far as pure Cloud play where many others felt more legacy that had basically been pushed into the Cloud versus a really well-architected product from the ground up to work and operate in the Cloud.

Established in 2006, HubSpot and its online marketing platform have taken advantage of cloud technology since the very beginning. With Okta, they saw a partner and product that perfectly aligned with their purely cloud-based vision. Whether it’s our Single Sign-On solutions or a records management feature that highlights app usage, Okta has given them the power to streamline access to over 70 employee applications.