Modern, secure identity for the world’s largest organizations



Melody H.: Our main goal is how do we enable our users to thrive and to be able to work the way they want to work, which is increasingly collaborative and through digital platforms and to do so in a way that is fundamentally secure. When Okta first came in, I think the problem that we were trying to solve there was really one of IT, so how do we deliver, have a seamless experience to a diversity of applications for our entire user base? When I put my security lens on it, what we actually observed was that was also the foundation for us to look at the identity plane, which was going to be so critical to how we thought about moving into a zero trust model.

Barry Libenson: Technology really is a critical partner now to the business and how we make decisions around what we build from a technology perspective. We standardized on Okta's platform so that all of the lines of business for internal and external use would have an identity management platform that would be ubiquitous for the company.

Eash Sundaram: As a chief digital officer for JetBlue, I'm responsible for providing that frictionless, seamless travel experience for our customers using technology. As a company, we have 500 plus applications that run behind the scenes providing a differentiated travel experience to our customers and crew members. Things in identity space change almost by the hour, and we need a technology partner that can keep up with that pace of change on a daily basis. As JetBlue looks at future-proofing ourselves, we look at a company like Okta to take us into the next chapter of JetBlue's new travel experience.

Global organizations rely on Okta's zero trust model to manage a single identity management platform.