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Out of the box, Okta provides a comprehensive user experience for IT and end users. For software developers who want to use Okta as an identity layer for their applications, and IT admins who require a high level of customization, Okta provides a full set of REST APIs. The Okta identity management platform makes it easy to connect to and use any of Okta’s capabilities programmatically. Build a branded login page, integrate with existing portals, connect to legacy identity systems, and manage identity and access within custom developed applications. The Okta platform is secure, scalable, future-proof, and easy to use.

Okta Developer Platform
The Extensible Okta Identity ManagementPlatform

Bring Your Own UI

While Okta provides a complete user interface including login page, user homepage, administration console, user registration, and password management workflow, some developers and administrators want full control over the entire Okta UI. Okta’s APIs allow you to provide your users with your own UI throughout the entire experience, while leveraging all of Okta’s capabilities behind the scenes.

Cloud Directory

Securely managing users within an application or an organization can be a challenging task. It can be even more challenging to adequately support the full identity lifecycle including user registration, password management, and profile updates. Okta’s standalone cloud directory stores an extensible user profile, handles authentication, manages groups and attributes, and provides automated workflows for user registration and password management. The Okta APIs make it easy to integrate user attributes from disparate sources into one authoritative master profile, and to make this data available across systems.

Event Logging

Okta collects and stores a rich stream of events that allow you to analyze and report on user activity within your environment. In some cases, audiences beyond the Okta administrator need to access this event activity through other tools. Okta’s APIs make it easy for other systems to access, retrieve, and consume your event log.

Directory Integration

With Okta, you can easily and securely connect your application or environment to any number of on premise Active Directory or LDAP user stores for authentication, and user and group management. Okta can even be used in a hybrid mode to include users from Okta’s directory alongside your existing directories – creating a centralized identity repository that you can access programmatically through the Okta platform.

Single Sign-On

Developers and organizations are increasingly stitching together best-of-breed services to build an end-to-end experience. Allow your users to move seamlessly between applications and experiences while Okta handles the grunt work of managing integrations behind the scenes.

Inbound Federation

Okta's federation capabilities enable your application or environment to seamlessly connect to your partners' users with their existing single sign-on identity and centralized access management tools. The Okta platform handles integrations with identity providers for you, so implementing inbound federation just requires you to call the Okta API.