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Where in 2021 are we placing our trust?

Wednesday 23rd June 2021

Why Attend

​Trust is both a basic survival mechanism and the oil that keeps societies moving. At Okta we are stewards of trust, who believe in Zero Trust security, not a zero trust society. It’s heartening to see that the COVID pandemic has increased levels of trust across Europe. But equally we know that what and who, individuals and organisations place their trust in, can fluctuate rapidly.


​​So, in 2021 where are we placing our trust? How can we quickly rebuild trust when it’s been diminished? And how can trust continue to maintain the bridges across a global society? ​


Okta’s Forum21 Europe gathers together respected professionals from the IT, Security and Identity and Access Management communities to exchange ​business-critical ideas, on how trust can keep the wheels of business and society turning; today, tomorrow and into the future. ​


​At a time of unprecedented change and enforced physical isolation, it’s a welcome chance to compare strategies that enable trust within your organisation and beyond, to your customers and business partners. An opportunity, we trust you’ll agree, that should not be missed.

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Meeting the Demands of the Modern Workforce

Driven by the response to the global pandemic, modern European workforces have experienced change on an unseen scale. Notions of work being an activity more than a location have solidified into a new reality. This change has fuelled discussions around all aspects of trust and the workforce. For both employers and employees, this new workforce freedom comes with greater responsibilities.

The New Security Culture

A new workforce culture demands a new security culture to enable it to happen. Digital trust is the new oil in the workforce productivity engine. With threat levels mirroring opportunity, the new threat landscape is breaking all records.

Modernising Digital Experiences for Customer Loyalty

Loyalty is a relative term when it comes to customers. But what we can be certain of is that great customer experience creates both trust and increases the chance of renewed custom. Expectations of frictionless, seamless customer experiences transcend sectors and must be balanced with security, or customer trust can be lost overnight.

Future Ready Hybrid IT

Trust in cloud technologies has never been higher, but the reality for most enterprises is that Hybrid IT is the foreseeable future. Whether for compliance or practical reasons, many organisations are now tackling the challenge of managing identity across Hybrid IT.

Key Speakers

Featured Speakers

Headshot of Philipp Diekhöner

Philipp Diekhöner

Global Innovation and Trust Pioneer

Headshot of Duncan Brown

Duncan Brown

VP of Enterprise Research Europe, IDC

Headshot of Derek Gordon

Derek Gordon

Director, Cyber Security, PwC

Headshot of Angela Salmeron

Angela Salmeron

Associate Research Director, European Future of Work, IDC

Headshot of Rob Hale

Rob Hale

EMEA Security Partner Segment Lead, AWS

Headshot of David McClelland

David McClelland

Technology Reporter

Customer Speakers

Headshot of Liz Cocker

Liz Cocker

Identity Service Manager, ITV

Headshot of Yves Couturier

Yves Couturier

Director of Information Systems, Croix-Rouge Française

Headshot of Reem Zahran

Reem Zahran

Chief Information Officer, Vistra

Okta Speakers

Headshot of Todd McKinnon

Todd McKinnon

CEO and Co-founder, Okta

Headshot of Ben King

Ben King

Chief Security Officer, EMEA, Okta

Headshot of Ian Lowe

Ian Lowe

Director of Solutions Marketing, EMEA, Okta

Headshot of Jiong Liu

Jiong Liu

Director, Product Marketing - Customer Identity, Okta

Headshot of Bob Burke

Bob Burke

Regional VP, Customer First, Okta

Headshot of Joshua Kroeze

Joshua Kroeze

Senior Director, Solutions Engineers, Okta


Forum21 Europe is free to attend.

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Partner Sponsors

We are pleased to partner with our sponsors of Forum21 Europe in order to bring together the most forward thinking and innovative technology providers and brands to our audience.


Each of our Partner Sponsors will have their own Exhibitor Page where they will showcase their solutions and services, host roundtable discussions and interact with you through live chats, special offers and exclusive content. Make the most of your Forum21 Europe experience by finding out more about our sponsors on the day.


Watch this space as more Partner Sponsors join us!

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Forum21 Europe is a fully digital event and can be accessible from anywhere

A good internet connection is all you need to join our sessions, take part in the discussions and engage with the Forum21 community.

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Forum21 will be a virtual event but it will be a live experience! All our sessions will be delivered in real time with a special guest host to guide you through the day, ask your questions to the speakers and engage with attendees.

As well as our opening and closing keynotes, our agenda is split into four main topics; each addressing an area of trust in today’s security and identity environments.


The New Security Culture

Future Ready Hybrid IT

Meeting the Demands of the Modern Workforce

Modernising Digital Experiences for Customer Loyalty

Closing Sessions