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Why attend Forum22 Europe?

Across communities, building trust is accelerated when we meet in person. Togetherness promotes in-depth discussions and more fluent exchanges of ideas. Forum22 is the opportunity to be at the heart of stimulating conversations around how we collectively build trust. Don't miss out.

What's in store


Hear thought-provoking presentations exploring how to build the multiple facets of trust

Receive strategic advice from industry-leaders on how we secure customer loyalty, drive long-term growth, and build trust together in the modern digital workplace.


Catch up on the latest opinions and strategies around Zero Trust security, customer experience, privacy and IT modernisation

Gain valuable insights on how to create more seamless, efficient, and secure digital experiences for customers, employees, partners, and suppliers.


Watch identity engineers demonstrate trust-building product features

Get a first-hand look at all of Okta's latest products and understand what value they can add to your organisation.


Share identity challenges and experiences with peers from across Europe

Rub shoulders with everyone whose anyone in the identity space, sharing memories and new ideas for success in the future of work.


Close the day out with astronaut Tim Peake's insights on building trust together

Catch Tim Peake's closing keynote.


All hosted by TV presenter and consumer champion David McClelland

Join David and our brilliant line-up of industry speakers for in-depth and engaging conversations on how we build trust together in the modern digital world.

Exclusive offer for attendees

All attendees will also receive a scholarship code to take most Okta Certification exams for up to 83% off ($50 total exam fee!)
When you join the ranks of our prestigious Okta Certified workforce you also:
✅  Improve team productivity and empowerment
✅  Accelerate your organisation's return on investment
✅  Affirm your status in today's rapidly growing Identity and Access Management field


Headshot of Guest Host - David McClelland

Guest Host - David McClelland

Technology Journalist and Consumer Champion

Headshot of Guest Keynote - Tim Peake

Guest Keynote - Tim Peake

European Space Agency astronaut and former International Space Station crew member

Headshot of Guest Speaker - Charlotte Challis

Guest Speaker - Charlotte Challis

Principal Carbon Consultant, Anthesis Group

Headshot of Guest Speaker - Paul Fisher

Guest Speaker - Paul Fisher

Senior Analyst, Kuppingercole

Headshot of Guest Customer Speaker - Mads Grandt

Guest Customer Speaker - Mads Grandt

Global ICT Specialist Adviser, Norwegian Refugee Council

Headshot of Guest Customer Speaker - Joop van Heekeren

Guest Customer Speaker - Joop van Heekeren

Enterprise Architect, CitizenM Hotels

Headshot of Guest Speaker - Enza Iannopollo

Guest Speaker - Enza Iannopollo

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Headshot of Guest Speaker - Bianca Lopes

Guest Speaker - Bianca Lopes

Identity Advocate for Humanity, Sustainability & DeFi Investor

Headshot of Guest Speaker - Angela Salmeron

Guest Speaker - Angela Salmeron

Future of Work Practice Lead, IDC

Headshot of Guest Customer Speaker - Yanna Winter

Guest Customer Speaker - Yanna Winter

CIO and Head of IT, Generali

Headshot of Jon Addison

Jon Addison

Senior Vice President and General Manager, EMEA, Okta

Headshot of Alison Colwell

Alison Colwell

Director Environmental, Social and Governance and Sustainability, Okta

Headshot of Joe Diamond

Joe Diamond

Vice President, Product Marketing, Okta

Headshot of Ben King

Ben King

VP Customer Trust, Okta

Headshot of Eugenio Pace

Eugenio Pace

Co-founder and CEO, Auth0

Headshot of Kalpana Singh

Kalpana Singh

VP, Product Marketing, Okta