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Okta Personal for Workforce

Secure employee identity both on and off the clock

Strong security postures are just as important for people when they’re on the job or at home. Okta now makes it easier for your employees to stay secure in both worlds.

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Elevate employee security


Champion privacy

Improve security hygiene among your employees with a trusted and reliable password manager.


Reduce enterprise liability

Remove personal data from corporate environments.


Offboard seamlessly 

Let employees take their Okta Personal accounts and personal apps with them when they leave the company.


Increased security is a necessity

Your employees get Okta Personal – for free – to store and secure their passwords, and you get more secure employees. Everyone wins.


Keep personal apps separate from work apps

With Okta Personal, employees minimize the number of personal apps on your work network, meaning fewer security risks and fewer headaches for you. 



All you need to know about Okta Personal for Workforce

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