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Oktane, the biggest identity conference of the year. At this in-person and digital conference, you’ll be able to connect with the best in the industry, hear stories about how organisations are putting identity first, see new products, and more.

Opening keynote

Identity Belongs To You

In the decade since Oktane began, the world has changed dramatically. The way we interact and engage with technology has evolved, as has identity’s role in our lives.

Join Okta executives, product leaders, and technologists to be inspired by a future where identity belongs to you.


  • Todd McKinnon, CEO & Co-Founder, Okta
  • Eugenio Pace, Co-Founder & CEO, Customer Identity Cloud, Okta
  • Arnab Bose

Get inspired by these APAC leaders in Tech

Richard Marr Oktane22

Richard Marr
APAC CIAM Lead, Okta

John Lim

John Lim
Senior Solutions Engineer, Okta

Clare Robson

Clare Robson
APAC Director of Solutions Marketing, Okta

Brett Winterford, Regional Chief Security Officer APJ, Okta

Brett Winterford
Regional Chief Security Officer APJ, Okta

Lee Roebig, Customer CISO, Sekuro

Lee Roebig
Customer CISO, Sekuro

APAC Sessions

Delivering Business Impact with CIAM

When does investing in security give you more than security? Answer: When it is CIAM, or customer identity and access management.

A modern take on traditional IAM, CIAM goes beyond securing organisations’ customer interactions to give firms the ability to see and understand customer behaviour. This lays the foundation for e-commerce and loyalty programs, and gives companies valuable opportunities to conduct targeted marketing to their diverse customer base.

Hear Richard Marr, Okta’s Head of CIAM in Asia Pacific, give a round-up of modern digital experiences in APAC, and how technology can enable them. How can enterprises move further with those technologies to set up a Zero Trust Framework?


Richard Marr, APAC CIAM Lead, Okta

John Lim, Senior Solutions Engineer, Okta

The Future of Identity in Asia Pacific

As Asia Pacific transforms and digitalises, the importance of a secure digital identity cannot be understated. As a region, there are marked contrasts by country in terms of digital adoption, availability, risk, and culture that all have bearing on the role of identity in a businesses security ecosystem. Join this session to unpack some of the major forces shaping the future of identity in the Asia Pacific. From hybrid work and trending cyber threats, to evolving regulation and employee trust, we'll review what bearing these forces have on Identity and Access Management, and how organisations within APAC are responding in kind.  


Clare Robson, APAC Director of Solutions Marketing, Okta 

Searching for an Express Lane to Strong Security

In recent months, some of the most trusted brands in the Asia Pacific have been attacked by profit-motivated actors. In this fireside chat, Okta APJ CSO Brett Winterford and Sekuro Customer CISO Lee Roebig discuss why organisations in so many more industries are targets, and recommend where they begin their journey to a stronger security posture.


Brett Winterford, Regional Chief Security Officer APJ,  Okta

Lee Roebig, Customer CISO, Sekuro

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