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Okta Personal

Make remembering your passwords a thing of the past

In a world of too many apps and too many passwords, Okta Personal puts you back in charge of your digital life.

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Your daily digital life, simplified

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Your security is worth everything. We charge you nothing.

Check out the benefits of Okta Personal.

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Store information beyond passwords

Save notes, credit cards, addresses, and additional information that you can use next time you need it.

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Autofill and save passwords as you go

Save passwords for new apps and logins in a snap. Okta Personal detects and autofills your passwords in both apps and browsers.

Install the Okta Browser Plugin
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Import logins from apps you may already use

No need to manually enter your login info. Just simply migrate your apps and you’re good.

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Share logins with those you trust

Safely share login info for joint accounts with whomever you trust. Whether they’re for banking, utilities, or streaming the latest binge-worthy romcom.

Are you an Okta Admin?

Deploying Okta Personal for your Workforce means fewer personal apps on your network, reduced security risks, and one less headache for admins. 

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