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Promoting your Okta integration


Once you’ve completed your integration with Okta and published it on the Okta Integration Network (OIN), it’s time to tell the world! Raising awareness for your integration among joint customers and new prospects helps accelerate adoption, differentiate your app from competitors, and drive new business.

Please keep us in the loop with your marketing plans by emailing [email protected].


Marketing Activities

These marketing activities have worked well for partners:


Partner Launch Checklist

The initial launch of your integration is the best time to make a splash. Here are some ideas to make the most of it.

  • Social Media
    Twitter and LinkedIn are the most effective networks for sharing integration announcements. Be sure to include @okta in your post so that we can reshare. Example tweet:

    Become an office hero by seamlessly syncing your employee directory with @Envoy and @Okta! http://bit.ly/1TYvaoQ

  • Blog post
    Write a company blog post describing the value of your integration to your customers.
    Example post: Lucid: 2016 Feature Review: SCIM
  • Help Center Article
    Write a help center article educating admins about your integration’s capabilities and how to enable it.
    Example article: Envoy: Okta employee provisioning integration
  • Customer Newsletter
    Alert customers to your integration by featuring it in your customer newsletter.
  • Sales Enablement
    Ensure your sales engineers and reps can speak to you integration capabilities. Consider briefing them, adding a FAQ to your company knowledge base, and creating a slide on the integration to include in sales decks.
  • Product Release Notes
    List your integration as a new feature in your product release notes.


Okta Launch Support

In addition to amplifying your launch marketing, we’ll alert our thousands of customers to your integration.

  • Quarterly Blog Post
  • We’ll highlight your integration as part of our quarterly OIN round-up on the Okta blog.
  • Customer Newsletter
  • We’ll feature your integration in the OIN section of our monthly customer newsletter.
  • Sales Newsletter
  • We’ll educate our sales reps about your integration in our monthly sales newsletter.
  • Product Release Notes
  • We’ll include enhancements to your integration in the “Application Update” section of our Product Release Notes.


Ongoing Marketing Opportunities

After your initial launch, there are periodic activities that help promote your app.

  • Joint Customer Case Study
    Ask a joint customer - maybe the one who tested your integration - if they’d be willing to share their experience using your app with Okta. We can highlight a great success story on the Okta blog or even create a customer journey video. To discuss, email Partner Marketing at [email protected].
  • Exhibit at Oktane
    Oktane is the industry’s leading identity conference and a great way to showcase your app to over 2000+ IT pros, cloud experts and developers.
  • Testimonial video
    Consider sharing your integration story with our partner community via a testimonial video.



If you have new marketing ideas or additional questions, please contact [email protected].


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