Okta Identity Governance: Modern, Cloud-Based IGA

Since the 2000s, companies have turned to Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) software to achieve automation and compliance outcomes. But the traditional IGA systems we’ve come to know have been costly, complex, and designed for on-premises applications and infrastructure. They simply don’t meet the needs of today’s dynamic, remote workforces and modern cloud environments.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new way to tackle security, automation, and compliance goals with our new product, Okta Identity Governance.

At Okta, we believe that identity is the core. And when it comes to identity governance and administration, the space is ripe for reimagining. We’re living in a cloud-first world, where the number of resources accessed by your personnel has dramatically increased, and that workforce is no longer just the traditional employee. Today’s workforce consists of contractors and partners whose access and governance needs may be as extensive as your full-time office-based or remote workers. Okta Identity Governance leverages popular workplace tools, like chat apps, allowing for delegation and self-service of processes like access requests, and streamlines the evaluation and certification of who should have access to which resources, at what time. All this while still providing appropriate levels of approval for your most sensitive data and tools. The result? Boosted productivity and faster adoption of identity governance strategies.

Democratise access with self-service and automation

  • Better IT efficiency: Free up IT resources by leveraging self-service access and approval workflows. Automate tasks such as onboarding and offboarding by integrating directly with systems of record, like HR. And avoid the time and errors associated with manual data exchange.
  • Increased agility and cost savings: Add new users and resources seamlessly through modern standards like SCIM and API-based interfaces. Meanwhile, you can avoid the cost of traditional IGA solutions, which, due to their high upfront costs and ongoing maintenance, have only been accessible to the largest of organisations.
  • Increased user productivity: Automatically provision new employees to birthright apps based on user attributes, enabling them to be productive from day one. Ongoing, they can request and get quick approval for access to new apps and systems via modern chat, mobile, and web interfaces. When it’s time to certify access for compliance purposes, Okta Identity Governance provides rich context, leveraging access information, like sign-in frequency, to make access certifications less of a burden on end-users and resource owners.
  • Better security and compliance outcomes: Use your existing HR systems and directories to automatically suspend access to resources based on a user’s status change. Prevent the accumulation of elevated or privileged access, quickly deprovision users when they leave your organisation, and, for sensitive resources, produce audit evidence and reporting.
Okta Identity Governance Oktane21 IGA

A unified approach

With the introduction of Okta Privileged Access in addition to Okta Identity Governance, the Okta Identity Cloud is delivering a comprehensive solution to access management, identity governance, and privileged access. Okta’s unified platform meets enterprise challenges by bringing together core identity use cases in one centralised experience.

Okta’s unified approach to privileged access and governance delivers enterprises:

  • A single control pane: brings together core identity issues in one, centralised experience, allowing for the management of governance and privileges for all types of access. This single system makes setup and management easier and, for compliance initiatives and access decisions especially, offers the best user experience and rich data insights.
  • Faster time-to-value: organisations reach productivity more quickly and effectively than traditional point solution alternatives, providing seamless access management across any hybrid or multi-cloud environment.
  • Seamless automation: enables end-to-end access management and governance processes across the full IT stack. Organisations can leverage automation without having to code with Okta Workflows. They can also use our extensible APIs to create identity, access, and governance flows that match their business processes across their apps, infrastructure, and APIs.

Get started

Okta Privileged Access will be available to customers in Q1 2022. Learn more about Okta’s new product offerings that will reshape identity governance and privileged access.

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