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17 Sep, Perth - Become an Identity & Access Management Pro at Okta's Tech {camp}

17 Sep, Perth - Become an Identity & Access Management Pro at Okta's Tech {camp}

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17 Sep, Perth - Become an Identity & Access Management Pro at Okta's Tech {camp}

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A great mission deserves the best Identity solution

We’re proud to offer discounted pricing* to help nonprofits manage their organizations’ complex Identity needs and to amplify the impact of their charitable work.

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A track record of success

Okta For Good is helping nonprofits move faster and more efficiently, so they can focus on their missions.

5 months 

Time for Australian Red Cross to launch a self-service portal for volunteers, customers, and supporters

1, 759 hours

Time saved by TechnoServe each year supporting provisioning and password resets


Amount saved by the Norwegian Refugee Council each year by eliminating legacy VPN

Here’s how nonprofits are leveraging Okta to maximize impact today

At Okta, we believe in technology’s transformative potential for humanity. And as the examples below demonstrate, for many mission-driven nonprofits Okta for Good is the catalyst for making meaningful change. For more stories of customer success, see Okta’s customers page.

Child running in green field while holding orange Norwegian Refugee Council flag
Two boys in an elementary school classroom sitting at desks while writing on paper with markers
Woman with glasses and brown overalls in greenhouse posing for camera
Older man in red shirt, black running vest, and white hat running through mountainous trail

A host of benefits that help nonprofits secure and simplify their operations

Okta’s comprehensive solutions make it easy for nonprofits to secure and manage their many stakeholders: employees, volunteers, donors, members, partners, and the communities they serve.

Woman in blue shirt wearing lanyard while looking down at smart device and standing in room with people wearing the same uniform

Enhance security

Secure your assets and protect your global, complex workforce with advanced security products that maintain user productivity like Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication.

Centralize access to all your apps

Okta simplifies and secures access to all of the applications your workers, partners, and volunteers need.

Automate on/offboarding for all users

Reduce risk and save time and money by automatically provisioning and deprovisioning user accounts in key systems. Okta Workflows can automate Identity-centric processes without code.

Identity management for external users

Leverage Okta's Customer Identity Cloud for comprehensive user registration, authentication, and authorization. Ensure that every member, donor, or community member login is authentic, and grant users the appropriate level of access to resources, applications, and experiences.

Three Volunteers in blue shirts and yellow vests sorting canned goods in boxes

Added support and preferential pricing

Through Okta for Good, Okta proudly offers nonprofit organizations the following:


  • 50% off Customer Identity plans to secure your external users
  • 50% off public training courses and Okta Learning Passes to support implementation
  • Eligibility for pro bono professional services
  • Five complimentary passes to Oktane
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We also offer nonprofit organizations 50 free licenses for Workforce Identity products, which includes:

SSO icon

Single Sign-On

Adaptive Multi Factor Authentication graphical image.

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

Universal Directory graphical image.

Universal Directory

LifecycleManagement graphical representation.

Lifecycle Management

Workflows graphical representation.

Workflows (up to 50, by request)

50% off additional Workforce licenses

50% off additional Workforce licenses

Group of volunteers in garden crowded around sign that says Okta for Good and another sign in Japanese

Eligibility details

To be eligible for benefits from Okta for Good, including product donations, nonprofits must hold current 501(c)(3) status in the U.S. or their country's equivalent, as validated by our partner, Percent.

Hospitals, healthcare institutions, public school districts, higher education institutions, and government entities are not eligible for this offer. Visit Percent's eligibility guidelines to see country-specific qualifications before beginning your application.


Learn more about Okta for Good

Anti-discrimination policy

As a global employer and service provider that stands for trust, Okta is committed to respecting all people and communities. Our core values are incompatible with hate, bigotry, and intolerance. Accordingly, Okta for Good will not donate products or services to any organization whose mission or activities promote opposition toward protected groups including on the basis of religion, race, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or other characteristics that are associated with systemic discrimination or marginalization.

Okta for Good may use any information to determine whether or not a recipient or prospective recipient of donated products or services is in violation of this policy. This includes external evidence such as social media that reveals discrimination, hate speech, or disrespectful or bullying behavior.

In the event that Okta, or Okta for Good, determines that a recipient has been in violation of this policy, Okta reserves the right to revoke the recipient’s donated products without prior notification. Recipients will be notified by an Okta representative within 24 hours in the event of service suspension.

Need help deploying Okta?

Nonprofit customers and prospects can access high-quality, affordable implementation support from Okta-certified implementation partners. Submit this form to get connected to an Okta Nonprofit Implementation Partner.

Beyond ID Logo

BeyondID offers consulting, implementation, financing, and more to help nonprofits secure their organizations with modern technology.

Cloudworks logo

Cloudworks offers affordable services and solutions to help nonprofits maximize the amount of funds that go directly to good causes.

Helpful resources

Check out our selection of articles and other related content on technology in the nonprofit space.


Three Nonprofits take on global social issues leveraging Identity

Read the innovation stories

*Okta partners with Percent to validate nonprofit status anywhere in the world.

To connect with a product expert today, use our chat box, email us, or call +61 2 8310 4484.
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