Customer Identity Cloud

It all starts with Customer Identity 

Customer identity is so much more than just the login box — from keeping every click safe to increasing acquisition and retention. Empower app developers, digital leaders, and security teams to accelerate time to market and grow your business.

Built to get more from your Consumer and SaaS Applications

The Okta Customer Identity Cloud is built to tackle both Consumer and SaaS Apps across every industry.
 So you can solve complex identity challenges, win customers, scale without friction, and focus on innovation.

Consumer Apps

Get a better understanding of your customers, without added friction or security risk.

From Passwordless to Adaptive MFA, simplify sign ups and drive customer acquisition and retention.

SaaS Apps

Accelerate business growth by increasing developer efficiency.

Make your application enterprise-ready with out-of-the-box features like enterprise federation, Attack Protection, and built-in multi-tenancy.

Create optimized digital experiences from the first click

Increase revenue through higher acquisition and retention

From sign-up to sign-out, create secure, optimized, and delightful digital experiences that help you convert customers for life. All with low-code features such as Universal Login, Passwordless, and Single Sign On.

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Collect customer data that matters

Collect higher quality customer data without the added friction for your teams or end-users. Create enjoyable experiences, increase revenue opportunities, and gather more insightful data for your teams to build with.

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Keeps bad actors out with fraud prevention

Protect your revenue, protect your data, and provide a more secure experience for your customers. Take advantage of low-code features such as Bot Detection, Breached Password Detection, and Suspicious IP Throttling.

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Drive developer efficiency

Power your dev team with private and public cloud deployment, Actions, and drag-and-drop integrations on the Marketplace. Reduce implementation time, and keep iterating with extensibility capabilities. Free up your dev team’s time so they can focus on innovating.

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There’s no need to compromise between innovation and security

Protect revenue, prevent data loss, and improve your security posture with features such as Adaptive MFA, Breached Password Detection, and Bot Detection. Ready to see for yourself?

Customer Identity does more for everyone

It enables app developers, digital leaders, and security teams to focus on innovation—so you can go further and faster with Identity.

Universal Login

Create secure, seamless, and scalable experiences without your own dedicated Identity team. SSO, MFA, and a whole lot more out of the box.

Actions & Extensibility

Visually drag and drop Actions to build custom identity flows that address your unique requirements.

Attack Protection

Protect against a range of attacks with features such as Bot Detection, Breached Password Detection, Suspicious IP Throttling.


Customize authentication and authorization workflows for your B2B customers at scale.


Enable secure authentication with the option to use biometrics or security keys.

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Provide intelligent access that adapts to your customers’ login behaviors.

Enterprise Connections

Enable Enterprise Federation using pre-built integrations with commonly used Enterprise Identity Systems.

“We needed a solution that could integrate with all our platforms, leverage our world-class design, and offload the immediate need of in-house identity management expertise.”

George Torres

Director of Engineering, Headspace

A Customer Identity solution built for you

Built for change

Customizable and extendable technology that adapts as the world changes.


A partner that provides reliability and always-on support so you can focus on your business.


A solution provider that thinks about identity before anything else.

Easy to use

Built for everyone: developers, admins, integrators & users.

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