Rev Up for Oktane16: Pre-Conference Training

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Okta for Healthcare: Okta Debuts HIPAA Compliant Service

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Waking Up With A Fresh Cup of Okta

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Okta Offices: The Ultimate Training Center for “Corporate Athletes”

Like most sports fans, I’m eagerly awaiting this summer’s Olympic Games, beginning with the Opening Ceremonies on August 5th. A viewing highlight for me is hearing about the journeys the medalists took when working towards their victories. As I’ve been waiting for the games to kick off, our workplace team...

Diane Greene Joins Oktane16 Speaker Lineup

We’re thrilled to announce a great addition to Oktane16 . Diane Greene, senior vice president for Google's enterprise businesses including Google Cloud and Google Apps will join us for a fireside chat during the opening keynote.

Diane joins us onstage for a fireside chat with Okta...

The EMET Serendipity: EMET's (In)Effectiveness Against Non-Exploitation Uses


This post discusses a method of bypassing Microsoft’s Enhanced Mitigation Toolkit (EMET) protections post Address Space Layout Randomization/Data Execution Prevention (ASLR/DEP) protections. The closer your position independent execution shellcode is to working like compiled code, the harder it will be to stop with bolt-on...

By Josh Pitts in InfoSec